Last week of the regular season:HS football Friday Nov. 2

It’s the last game of the season on a Friday night at home, but for a few teams they will finish up the regular season on the road. Here’s the Guilford County rundown with some swerves thrown in for good measurement.

Grimsley at Smith:Smith won the JV game last night 16-8 for their first win of the year but it won’t happen in the Varsity game. Grimsley 49-0 and this will be Jamaral Rease’s last game ever as a Whirlie. He told me last night that he is due to have surgery next week for an MCL(Medial Collateral Ligament) tear in one knee. He’ll have to have his other knee repaired later because it’s blown out too.

Again, Rease shook my hand and told me last night, after the Smith game, he is done. If anything changes we’ll let you know. Kids sometimes have a change of heart.

On the Smith front, sources inform me there is a movement afloat to bring former Grimsley coach Todd Shuping to Smith as the Golden Eagles head coach. The Smith boosters want Shuping as their coach and not to take anything away from Jon Oakley the current Smith leader, but Shuping graduated from Smith, Shuping is an excellent coach, and he deserves another chance to be a head coach locally, on the high school level.

Back to the games-Bartlett Yancey at Northeast Guilford:NEG will work to get their offense in gear early and set the tone for the playoffs that get under way next week. NEG 35-7.

Asheboro at Ragsdale:Ragsdale will receive some opposition from the Blue Comets but the Tigers should be hungry after a week off, Ragsdale wins it 31-14.

Dudley at Western Guilford:In the “Every Which Way But Loose” movie it was said of Clint Eastwood(Philo Bato), that during the fight he was getting tired. His brother looking on said, “he ‘aint gettin’ tired he’s gettin’ MAD”. The same can be said for the Dudley Panthers, “They aren’t getting tired they are getting MAD”, this week.(We can not use ‘aint in a direct quote related to the schools because school superintendent Terry Grier said he would shut down this operation if we did.) Bottom line Stone Cold, Dudley by 3 TD’s.

Northwest Guilford at Page:This should make for a good battle with NWG trying to put a blemish on the Pirates’ conference mark and Page hoping to stayed primed for the playoffs. The Pirates have hit the 30 point mark several times in recent weeks so let’s put this one at 35-14 Pirates and give some credit to the PHS defense that has a chance to step up here. We may see some interceptions in this game because the ball will be going upstairs.

Southern Guilford at Eastern Guilford:EG is planning a big shindig down in Gibsonville with Gerrod Herbin, Jason Davis, and Will Gann ready to open up a can of WhippedCat or Wildcat on the Storm. SG is coming off of that tough loss up at Reidsville and I have a feeling that William Graves is ready to run all the way from Sumner to the playing field at Eastern. Word has it that Graves is going to go for 300 yards and if he gets 200-plus then SG is the winner. William and his Storm associates say they are taking this one by 14 points, we’ll call it 28-14 in great game between two very good 2-AA squads.

Southeast Guilford at Randleman:The Falcons will be playing this week after being in the wettest game in Guilford County HS history last week and now Coach Fritz will tell his men to run to glory. SEG, 175 yards on 100 carries, and the Falcons pull it out 10-7 on a Terrance Topps field goal.

High Point Central at East Forsyth:This is a tough call, (4-6/2-2) vs. (4-6/2-2). I’m taking home team, because they played Grimsley and Page closer than HPC did. East wins it 31-28, if that’s possible. It is, but is it?

WS Parkland at High Point Andrews:HPA has been showing major signs of life here late in the year and let’s hope it continues with a 21-14 Red Raider victory at Simeon Stadium.

Glenn at Southwest Guilford:The Glenn Bobcats are (9-1) and SWG checks in at (3-7) and the trend shows teams like Glenn pile it on when they have the opportunity. Glenn a 56-10 win over the Cowboys.

*****Remember, the playoffs start next Friday night*****

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  1. I hope Shuping does get the Smith job, He served Grimsley High well, and is a quality coach. The Golden Eagles need someone to right the ship.

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