Booker T puts the “T” back in TNA, Nick Bockwinkel hits a triple

At the Genesis PPV last night, TNA officially added another name from a recent WWE roster and from the far distant past in WCW. How much of a boost will Booker T give to TNA, especially in the ratings and PPV buys? Will he make a significant difference on the TV shows? These thoughts from Wade Keller of the PWTorch at

Booker T is back and that’s all that matters to true fans of the Spinarooni. This black gentleman carries star power and his wife Sharmell brings beauty to the table. Fans will want to get a load of Booker T early in his return and it will be up to TNA to keep adding fresh story lines as time goes on.

With Booker T, Kurt Angle, Sting, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall the script writers at TNA have something to work with. AJ Styles and Samoa Joe are younger talents that need to be utilized and Christian Cage is always ready to shed some blood in a ladder match to make TNA a huge play, one day, on the Pay Per View scene.

If TNA could get Bruce Mitchell and John Hitchcock to come in and work as special guest referees then TNA would hit the stock market like a Ragin’ Bull. The WWE needs competition and it looks like TNA is still trying to make the wrestling ring a place where more than just one company(WWE) can dominate.

Nick Bockwinkel is recovering well from triple bypass surgery on Friday. He’s still in ICU and hopes to be back home by the end of the week. news from

If anyone has heard anything concerning the whereabouts of Ken Spence, Rick Link, Chris Plano, Tim Blaze, Eddie Meador, Buddy Landell, or Dennis Bass please let us know for our upcoming “where are they now” and “What wrestlers want for Christmas feature”.

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  1. I think Karen Angle is still calling the major shots in the Angle household. Kurt has taken too many shots to the head and Karen has to make sure Kurt still attends his weekly anger management classes or she may be in danger.

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