CiCi’s Pizza NFL picks contest results

Marshall, and for all we know this might be Marshall Tucker the old pizza sucker, but any way Marshall is our winner for this week and a very tough week it was and JA Joey might be out to steal the pizzas before Mr. Tucker can get his teeth on them.

JA Joey is the second cousin to a beaver and he could come charging up from the banks of the Buffalo Creek at any minute and take a break from his wood chomping chores to fire a shot at the Marshall’s pizzas.

Marshall was the winner with the 8-5 record and then it was JA Joey at 7-6, Roy 7-6, Big C 7-6, Chuckyd 6-7. Johnny 6-7, Rob 6-7, Dan 5-8, Big Jim 5-8, Edwin 4-9, Kathe 4-9, Lisa 4-9, and Tim 3-10.

Will the Carolina Panthers win a home game this season and will Steve Smith be looking for a new team after all the mess of this season is over?(The old, “I gotta get out of here syndrome”.)

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