Langston Wertz hits where it hurts

Transfer problems in Guilford mirror Meck?
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Mecklenburg County has, a bit unfairly, been labeled the transfer capital of the N.C. high school universe. I have always maintained that the issues here only mirror those elsewhere.

A very interesting article ran in the Sunday Greensboro News & Record(by Robert Bell) that claims thousands of kids are moving around schools. I’d suggest you check it out and read at

Given the problems South Mecklenburg had Friday with senior quarterback Jey Yokeley being called ineligible because his grandparents were not his legal guardians and his mother lived in Union County, I think the story has plenty of relevance here.

The current rules in Meck County to slow transferring allow ninth graders to pick a high school to play sports in and attend, so long as that school has room for you. There is some area for abuse there. The rest of the rule, not allowing you to play two sports for two schools or transfer anywhere other than your home school, for legitimate reasons, after you declare your school in ninth grade is strong. The best part requires students to physically move into a new school’s zone, like Independence’s Rod Chisholm did, in order to change schools for any reason.

Could the rules here use some tweaking? Yes. I’d eliminate the policy of choosing a school in ninth grade even though usually the desireable schools don’t have room. I think the school board could help also by not allowing the draw lines to get changed so often. It would be nice to know for the next 10 years that if you go to middle school at Y, you’ll play high school at X, or at least a group of Xs. Right now, you never know.

Anyway, check out the article. Tell me what you think.

here’s a couple of sample comments from the Wertz blog:
I beleive this happens all the time in CMS.(Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools) Kids should go to school where they live. There are kids playing at West Charlotte that live in Olympic’s district. One brother attends Olympic the other atttends WC. There are kids at Indepencence that should be playing at Vance. One student is living with his girlfriends parents so that he can attend Independence.

The 100 girls that try out for Providence soccer grew up in that district and have played soccer on travel teams since they were 9 years old. That’s why the are GREAT PROVIDENCE. The same way that Providence is king in Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming, Diving, Golf, Lacrosse and Baseball. These are sports that take years to learn and require significant practice. Kids don’t transfer to Providence for these sports…..they wouldn’t make the team anyway!

Guilford County needs to establish the open-transfer policy like they have in Forsyth County.