State-wide College football Top Ten

The season is nearly over and all the polls are starting to collect dust and moss but we still have one or two more college polls to roll out before it’s all over. Here are this week’s offerings and some of these teams are done already.

#1)Appalachian State(8-2) LW2-Any team that puts 79 points on the board is one to be feared and it cost Kent Briggs his job at Wetern Carolina after the Catamounts fell 79-35 to the Mountaineers.

#2)Catawba(10-1) LW3-The Indians closed out the regular season with a 45-0 win over Lenior-Rhyne and now await post-season possibilites.

#3)N.C. State(5-5) LW4-There are teams with better records but this is the hottest team in the state right now and the Pack’s 31-27 victory over North Carolina bears that point home. This week the Wolfpack takes a four-game winning streak to Wake Forest.

#4)Wake Forest(6-4) LW1-The Demon Deacons are still good but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the final from Clemson, 44-10 Tigers. WFU has much to do in preparing for NCSU this weekend.

#5)East Carolina(6-5) LW4-The roof came crashing through for ECU when the Thundering Herd of Marshall ran over the Pirates 26-7. ECU is currently in a downward movement.

#6)Winston-Salem State(6-4) LW8-You have to hand it to a team that totally takes care of business against N.C. Central, handing the Eagles a 35-10 whooping and the Rams do not play like lambs, they have a few Thanksgiving hams in their plans. Celebration-on, Eat-on RAMS.

#7)Elon(6-4) LW5-There’s been a let-down from the Phoenix the past couple of weeks with back-to-back losses after Saturday’s missle attack at the Citadel.(a 42-31 EU loss)

#8)Guilford(6-4) LW9-The Quakers finished up their year at home last Saturday with a 21-17 come-from-behind win over Emory & Henry. I hear that Emory plays like a girl but that Henry will kick your butt in a hurry. Guilford sophomore receiver Hagan Miller had 11 catches for 143 yards, breaking the Quaker’s single-season record with 103 receptions. A good way to close out the season for Guilford and public address announcer Harold Moag.

#9)NC Wesleyan(8-2) LW NR-They became the first USA South team to finish undefeated in the conference(7-0) with a 55-14 shellacking of our Greensboro College Pride at Jamieson Stadium last Saturday night.

#10)Davidson(6-4) LW10-The Wildcats were winners over Homer Drew’s old school Valparaiso, with 44-6 the ‘Cats on the prowl.

9 thoughts on “State-wide College football Top Ten

  1. Man, UNC didn’t even get votes this week. One thing you could gaurantee with Bunting, he knew how to beat the Wolfies. Losses to ECU, NCSU and getting pounded by Wake should keep any potential suiters from luring BD away from Chapel Hill. The Heels should really savor this loss.

  2. Wake will beat NC State and then it’s over for the Wolfpack and Wake Forest is headed to a bowl. That opinion stated, this is what Rob Daniels was saying in today’s paper and he is right when you stop in think about it. Wake deserves a bowl and State has been playing over their head.

  3. You have to favor Wake at home. This game will save Wake’s season and spoil NC State’s. Wake to a bowl like Teddy and Rob said and State closes at 5-7.

  4. NC State can not beat Appalachian State. App beat Michigan and Wake is going to beat State. I don’t know anything about Catawba but Appalachian has outlasted and outclassed all of the other teams in the state this year. When will you losers learn that Appalachian is still number 1.

  5. Who has Appalachian outlasted and outclassed in the state of NC? Western Carolina? Elon? There are a couple of “worthwhile” wins.

    App lost to Wofford and Georgia Southern. In fact, the Georgia Southern loss came at home after a week of bragging over their long standing winning streak in Kidd Brewer. Needless to say, App is a good team. Good enough to SHARE the Southern conference title. Hmmmmm, beat Michigan, share the SC title…..something here doesn’t add up. Even NC State beat Wofford.

    The winner of the NC State / Wake Forest game will beat the “Mack Brown State Championship” winner.

    As far as this site being a parody. Do you reaqlly have to ask?

  6. This feature is take-off on what Ron Green Jr. used to do in the Charlotte Observer and what Doug Clark does occasionally on his Web Blog at the News and Record. It takes very creative minds to come up with polls like this one, that’s why many of you are having trouble understanding it. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, join the US Air Force.

    Many of you have creative minds but you don’t use them.

    On a lighter subject, Crimminal Minds is an excellent show that comes on CBS on Wednesday evenings, check it out, it requires a detailed line of thinking and concentration. They use theirs to solve crimes and we use ours to come up with sports solutions.

  7. Glad to see good ole Ron and Doug being credited for creating this creative concept. Glad to see those guys were watching “Criminal Minds” and that you guys were reading their columns. Now that I understand the News and Record came up with this solution, I can at least accept it for what it is worth.

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