The Ball drops on Rosinski:Bill Rosinski Show gone from 790 the Ball

Tuned in this morning at around 9:15 and heard FOX Sports programming and that’s means The Pac Man Re-loaded and Rosinski are gone. To me the Pac Man stayed loaded, why did he need to get reloaded? Pac Man was on replay from 9-10am and then The Bill Rosinski Show hit the air from 10am-12noon.

Bill stayed gone most of the time doing NFL and college football games and while he was away, Chris Stowe would be the fill-in host. Rosinski had the name recognition and he has the voice, that’s why he had the show.

Now the show is gone from this area and here’s what’s happening next from the 790 the Ball web site:

Out of Bounds – Fox Sports Radio
M-F 9am-noon

“The Odd Couple” of sports radio, straight man Craig Shemon is joined by James Washington, probably the wildest member of the great Dallas Cowboy teams that won three Super Bowls in the 1990’s.

3 thoughts on “The Ball drops on Rosinski:Bill Rosinski Show gone from 790 the Ball

  1. Sad to see Bill go. I would prefer 790 would go with Sporting News Radio’s TONY BRUNO SHOW, or give Drew Davis a shot at the time slot

  2. Just to clarify…this was not 790’s decision. The Charis Radio Network discontinued the show. Should have saw it coming though, he had already lost all of his affiliates except for the Ball and WFNZ.

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