SoooooooWeeeee there goes Bobby P from Atlanta to Arkansas

Bobby Petrino resigned as Atlanta Falcons coach on Tuesday and will take the head coaching job at Arkansas, sources told He lasted only 13 games with the NFL team.

Petrino called a staff meeting late Tuesday afternoon, a meeting which last about 10 seconds, sources said.

“He just said to us, ‘Guys I’ve resigned, I’m going to Arkansas. I’m sorry. I’ll be talking with you guys in the future.’ And with that he turned and walked out the door. We haven’t been told anything else,” said one assistant coach.

At this point, the assistant coaches have not been told who will be coaching the team going forward.

Petrino did not address the team following his resignation. Players are livid with the way Petrino left the team and several called his handling of the situation “classless.”

5 thoughts on “SoooooooWeeeee there goes Bobby P from Atlanta to Arkansas

  1. Wow, that lasted as long as Holtz did before he left the Jets for Arkansas.
    What’s the constant there?

  2. Pro sports is for the birds. College is getting to be the same way. The High School level is the only pure form left and it’s getting to point where it is tainted. The only true form of REAL sports left is to be played out in a field somewhere. You have to love sports to be in it and the players and coaches these days don’t love it. They are just in it for the money and name recognition. I have been out there in it every day for over 45 years and the glory is not the end result. It’s a marathon and the rewards are few. Lou Holtz isn’t doing anything these but running his mouth and Petrino will be doing the same thing in 10-15 years. I watch these guys but I don’t think the coaches or players should be put on a pedestal. Many of them are nothing but jackasses.

    Show me what you are doing 30-40 years down the road. I respect the kids because because they are still trying and the coaches and adults that are still out there contributing 30-40 years later they have my respect too. It’s not all about talk, it’s about getting into the game and being a lifer and showing a love and respect for sports. That type of respect these days has gone right out the door and into a bank slot somewhere. You have to eat it, drink it, and sleep it to respect it. Sports is an everyday thing. You can’t walk away or it is over.

    It’s a good day for a rant from someone that’s been there.

  3. Andy, you’re right.
    Any spectator sport unless your relatives or friends are involved in it are getting more and more pointless.

  4. The only difference between the Pros and big time college athletics is the way the money is distributed.

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