The WWE is busy and the next Big star might be Cecil Carr…..

from the WrestlingObserver:

Carlito, frustrated with his position in WWE, gave his notice to the company several weeks ago. The feeling was that he’d try to get a job with TNA, since two to three dates in Orlando per month combined with work in his father’s promotion in Puerto Rico isn’t too bad of gig. WWE began jobbing him out and putting him in embarrassing storylines with Hornswoggle. But then Vince McMahon decided that having another guy leave for TNA, particularly a young star, might get people like Bruce Mitchell talking. So last week before Raw he sat down with Carlito and convinced him to stay.

WWE has signed Reid Fliehr of Charlotte, N.C., 19, the youngest son of Ric Flair, to a developmental contract. He will be starting in Florida Championship Wrestling in January.
****Rumor has it that the WWE may sign’s Cecil Carr to a short contract after they release Hornswoggle*****

4 Comments on “The WWE is busy and the next Big star might be Cecil Carr…..

  1. Big Daddy “C”, soon to be at WWE. I was at headquarters in Connecticut a few days ago and have reached terms on a contract. Look for Flair vs. Big Daddy “C” in a hell in the cell match at Summer Slam. Mr. Kennedy, you want to talk junk. I will take that microphone out your grubby hand and stick it so far up your where the sun don’t shine that you will never evvvvvver see it again. Then I will pound your face so hard in the ring post that you will never even be able to talk again. I will shut you up for good. I’ll have you begging, Big Daddy “C” please don’t hurt me. Now lets see who can kick whos butt.

  2. Oh yeah, Jim Duggan you will need something besides a two by four before you stop me. Dont make me laugh. I think even Hornswoggle can beat you. Heck, I would even say any one of the divas could beat you. OUCH. HA HA HA!!

  3. Carr vs. Carlito. Winner stays in the WWE. Loser goes to the produce department at WalMart or takes over the deep fat fryer at the Jack in the Box.

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