The Dirty Dozen

Our top comment posters of the year for 2007:

#1) Rob Shelton
#2) J Bruce Shepherd
#3) Robert Bell
#4) Not Jim Melvin
#5) Big Jim Modlin
#6) PagePirates44
#7) Chuckyd
#8) BigC
#9) Jamos24
#10) Marshall Brown
#11) Greg Johnson
#12) Johnny Smith
*****Your comments about those that made the list, did we leave someone out, and who do you think should be #1? I have not determined an out-right #1, I just listed all of those that came to memory and their impact my have effected the order of the listing.*****

3 Comments on “The Dirty Dozen

  1. Why didn’t Jackass Joey make the list? He was the best thing on ROCK 92 and he should be the top dog on this blog site. We demand a recount. JA Joey is the KING.

  2. I’m honored to make the initial list, but I have to wonder, is this a list of the best posters, or is it a complete list of people who have visited this website?

    If it is a complete list, you forgot the guy who threatened to run me over with his F’n truck! Free Tolly!

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