The Dirty Dozen

Our top comment posters of the year for 2007:

#1) Rob Shelton
#2) J Bruce Shepherd
#3) Robert Bell
#4) Not Jim Melvin
#5) Big Jim Modlin
#6) PagePirates44
#7) Chuckyd
#8) BigC
#9) Jamos24
#10) Marshall Brown
#11) Greg Johnson
#12) Johnny Smith
*****Your comments about those that made the list, did we leave someone out, and who do you think should be #1? I have not determined an out-right #1, I just listed all of those that came to memory and their impact my have effected the order of the listing.*****


  1. Why didn’t Jackass Joey make the list? He was the best thing on ROCK 92 and he should be the top dog on this blog site. We demand a recount. JA Joey is the KING.

  2. I’m honored to make the initial list, but I have to wonder, is this a list of the best posters, or is it a complete list of people who have visited this website?

    If it is a complete list, you forgot the guy who threatened to run me over with his F’n truck! Free Tolly!

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