Top stories of the Year for 2007

Here’s what many readers would certainly feel were the Top Five Stories of 2007 at

#1)The Tolly Carr Crash-This was a crash in more ways than one. The F-150 that killed Casey Bokhoven and the fall of Tolly Carr.
#2)Mr. Bell-Mr. Shepherd on HS student tansfers-This took changing schools to a whole new level.
#3)The Death of Vic Sapp-This only happened last week but it brought 1,000’s of people to the site wanting to know more about what really took place.
#4)Southeast Guilford baseball players at Huff’s Store-The events that followed SEG’s playoff baseball victory turned Pleasant Garden and many surrounding neighborhoods upside down.
#5)Page-Grimsley football-Coach Shuping leaves Grimsley, Coach Mark Saunders takes over and Page wins the game-of-the-year 24-23 over Grimsley. High drama within the inner-city.