The Rock says? No, Bruce Mitchell says!!!!!

Hey Andy, You know Saturday night is Ric Flair’s final match EVER in the Greensboro Coliseum and his final match EVER in the old Mid Atlantic territory, right? Merry Christmas.

I hope Mr. Mitchell of the Pro Wrestling Torch will come back and give us more info on what could be Ric Flair’s last ever match, but will it be his last EVER match, and I mean EVER match, as Chris Jericho would say or just “The Nature Boy’s”, last EVER match in the GREENSBORO COLISEUM?

And now the end is near, and Flair, Frank, and Bruce Mitchell did it their way…….

One comment on “The Rock says? No, Bruce Mitchell says!!!!!

  1. Won’t give anything away, but they did have a nice video tribute to Ric Flair on the Titantron.

    And, before the match, it was nice to see The Nature Boy look at Triple H and say “You forgot one thing…..We’re in Greensboro….FLAIR COUNTRY!”

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