If I were a betting man….

No time to dawdle so lets just pound out a few picks. As for last week, who knows? Perhaps Doug can perform a quick audit.

In the NFL playoffs…

Seattle -3 vs. Washington: It’s been a great ride for the Skins but emotion can only carry a team so far. Plus Seattle has to be feeling slighted with the love fest that the national media has bestowed upon the Skins, don’t be surprised if the Seahawks end up winning this one going away.

Jacksonville -3 at Pittsburg: For some reason the Jaguars just seem to have the Steelers number at Heinz Field. Plus the Steelers in recent years just have not played well at home in the playoffs.

Tampa -3 vs. New York: The Giants have been going into their customary swoon a little later than expected. With injuries mounting and the G-men liable to be spent after the effort expended against New England this is an easy pick.

San Diego -10 vs. Tennessee: The Titans are lucky to be in the playoffs, the Chargers have been playing some of the best ball in the AFC the 2nd half of the season. When you add it all up it equals an easy Chargers win.

And in the BCS title tilt……

I love LSU -4 against THE Ohio State University: I don’t expect the Buckeyes to be blown out like last year against Florida, but this is in essence a road game for OSU and if you think Baton Rouge on a Saturday night is rough, think about what it will be like in a dome where the noise has no where to escape. Look for a rough and tumble type of contest with the Bayou Bengal’s overall speed advantage on both sides of the ball creating just enough chances for LSU to take home the title. LSU 24 OSU 17

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