Former NBC sports announcer Mike Adamle steps into the ring

The WWE has hired former American Gladiators announcer Mike Adamle as a backstage interviewer. His first assignment will be at the Royal Rumble on Sunday. Adamle will then be part of the Raw broadcast team as backstage interviewer.
from’m shocked the Torch didn’t mention it but Mike Adamle was mainstream on NBC for several years as the NFL on NBC studio host with Len Berman and Bryant Gumble and Adamle was a big name on NBC, he even did some football play-by-play back when NBC had the AFL and AFC. Adamle may also have been indirectly involved when NBC carried Vince McMahon’s XFL games. This is big, but it shows where you will end up after you leave the major networks(NBC) and strike out on your own(America Gladiators/circa 1980’s-1990’s).