Wake Forest QB Skinner Showing Skin?

Internet message boards were a buzz this afternoon after nude pictures were posted on the internet that are alleged to be Wake Forest QB Riley Skinner.
Now, the Wake Forest Athletic Department has decided to get involved and look into the situation. A spokesman for the school told WFMY-TV’s website that the school doubts that the photos are authentic but plans to get to the bottom of the matter. If the photos are indeed of the quarterback, it is unclear what action school officials would take against Skinner.

As Don reported yesterday here at, Wake Forest Red Shirt Freshman Luke Caparelli was dismissed from the basketball team after writing on his Facebook page that he would “blow up campus.” It would seem that Wake Forest and its athletes are learning first hand the “power of the internet” and its potential perils.

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  1. UNC players getting raped, Riley Skinner running the naked bootleg……man, what’s gonna be next?

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