Super Bowl Summary:Was the Giants win over the Patriots, the GREATEST upset in Sports History?

This had to be one of the more exciting Super Bowls on record with MVP Eli Manning driving his team down the field for the win with time running out. This reminded me of the San Francisco 49er’s moving the ball with Joe Montana at QB when San Fran had to take it the distance to beat the Cincinnati Bengals.

There were more fans believing in the 49er’s than there were the N.Y. Giants but Eli and his friends made believers out of everyone and the Miami Dolphins unbeaten season is safe at 17-0. There were many stars that came out on Sunday night but Eli Manning has rank near the top for keeping his composure under pressure and his receiver, David Tyree, made one of the greatest catches in football history when he went up and pulled that one down on the game-winning drive. Tyree made the reception with the ball resting against his helmet with Patriot defenders trying to knock the ball out of his hands.

Plaxico Burress will get credit for the game-winning TD catch, but without Tyree, the Patriots would now be touted as the “Greatest team in NFL history” and the Giants would be fading off into oblivion . You also have to give credit to the Giants’ defense with the men up front, the defensive linemen, getting in Tom Brady’s face all game long. Defensive end Justin Tuck had two huge sacks and the last sack on the last Patriot drive with 35 seconds left to play had Brady laying flat on his back on the Arizona turf.

Congratulations to Eli Manning, Tom Coughlin, and the N.Y. Giants for making believers out of all of us, and now Bob Griese, Earl Morrall, Don Shula, Nick Buoniconti and all the rest of the living 1972 Miami Dolphins can sleep easy again tonight with the only real unbeaten season in NFL history.

Was the Giants win over the Patriots, the GREATEST upset in Sports History? Let’s start looking back at the Jets over the Colts, N.C. State over Houston, Appalachian State over Michigan, Buster Douglas over Mike Tyson….One game or one night situations, what do you think?

4 thoughts on “Super Bowl Summary:Was the Giants win over the Patriots, the GREATEST upset in Sports History?

  1. this was probably the biggest upset in super bowl history-very exciting game in the second half -usually this sort of a game with a wildcard going up against a perfect record would be over by halftime-cd

  2. Great Game! Lookin forward to UNC- Duke , goin for the ‘heels, however I’m thinkin Duke 80- UNC- 76

  3. I really enjoyed the super bowl although I really had no horse in the race.
    And it also reminded me of the 49ers game
    I think it was an upset but not by monumental proportions.
    I can think of several better especially super bowl 3.
    Back in the day, obviously sense they were in two different leagues, the colts and the Jets didn’t meat each other previously.
    The AFL looked bad in previous super bowls and were expected to be the whipping boy again until the Jets won.

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