Direction of Smackdown down to two possibilities

from James Caldwell at is reporting that the bidding for the future home of WWE Smackdown is down to two companies: MyNetworkTV and Tribune, which owns Superstation WGN on cable.

“MyNetworkTV(MY 48 locally) would bring the program back to the former UPN affiliates that once had the property,” says the report. “Tribune has a number of options for where it could put Smackdown, including Superstation WGN. Tribune was a surprise entry in the bidding, with most pundits expecting NBC to be one of the last bidders standing.”

Tribune recently brought in former FOX TV president Ed Wilson to oversee changes to the channel’s programming line-up. MyNetwork president Greg Meidel has been in charge for over a year, and has tried to revamp the network’s line-up of shows. For many former UPN affiliations, it would simply be a return of Smackdown to the current MyNet affiliate that aired Smackdown before the show moved to the CW.

Of note is that prior to signing with Spike TV in 2005, TNA was negotiating with WGN.
*****The MyNetwork would place the programming on FREE TV until we have to buy those new digital boxes and TV 48 is a good spot on your local TV dial. Friday night Smackdown and Paradise Hotel 2 on Saturday evenings, what else could you ask for on a weekend unless Raycom might sneak in an ACC hoops game for you and that would be an added bonus?*****

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  1. my son can’t function w/out Friday night Smackdown. Hope it disappears so he can focus on some baseball. j/k

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