Proposed Northwest Guilford coach

Fans with strong opinions have always caught my attention and I like it when someone is ready to tell us what they really think. Here’s a suggestion from someone in the Northwest Guilford community on who ought to be the next NWG boy’s basketball coach.

There may be some other opinions out there, and like they used to say on the real good days of SportsTalk Radio, “Everybody has an opinion, why not put yours on the radio(comment box) at”, like this contriubuter did and let me tell you, I like what they are saying, very opinionated and to the point.

Here it is for you:

I think the next NW coach should be a parent. They seem to know more about what it means to be a good coach. Reading the prior posts, I think we need to just get rid of all administrators and coaches and allow the parents to just run the school. Sorry I guess that is already happening. Good luck to the players that remain. I hope you learn to stand on your own and not rely on your parents to run your life and influence everyone you come in contact with. Bottom line: if you are not at all of the practices and interact with the student/athletes other than game day, you should not have an opinion. May the NW Parents finally get the coach that they deserve.

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