Replacement for Rich Brenner

We had some good comments about Rich Brenner leaving FOX8 Sports and there is a bit of a disagreement developing over who should Replace Rich.

One of our readers had this comment today and I came back with a counter offer. The Repalcement for Rich really should be Mike Solarte if we are choosing from the local possibilites. We need to start up the Battle Cry and let it fly high from Pilot Mountain to Saxapahaw. “We Like Mike”…”We Like Mike”…”We Like Mike”…”We Like Mike”…”We Like Mike”… You get the idea. Bring Mike Solarte to FOX8 Sports if there still is a FOX8 Sports after Rich hits the ditch.

Connolly is TOO CRANKY!!!!! Bring on Mike Solarte…..Here’s an exchange from the comment box on Rich Brenner is steppig down at FOX8. Maybe some of the rest of you have thoughts on this situation.

Bottom line, Rich Brenner is LEAVING and we need to get to work in a hurry to find his Replacement and please don’t let it be Chris Kelly from ROCK 92. He’s soooo big I can’t even get him completely on my new 52 inch HD TV.

Here’s that exchange with our reader and AD and again we encourage your comments:
on March 12th, 2008 at 10:25 am
Solarte is a likable guy, but isn’t even the best on his own station, let alone the Triad. Brenner is miles ahead of him. I’ve enjoyed Rich’s commentary segments, and applaud WGHP for allowing him to do so — it’s nice to see a sportscaster that’s not afraid to take risks and give you the story behind the story.

As far as replacements, they already have a great one in Kevin Connolly. I don’t think FOX8 misses a beat, but Rich will definitely be missed.

Andy said,
on March 12th, 2008 at 10:45 am
Who is better than Solarte at 14? I tend to agree with Chad that Solarte is the best and he was really good at 850 the BUZZ when he was in Raleigh. Now I believe he is in Charlotte.

I’m taking Solarte and I sort of remember another guy at 14 that used to be at 45. Was his name Jim Conners or something like that? He did not make much of an impact but Mike Solarte sure did.