Greensboro’s Annual Beer Run

No, we haven’t run out of beer. But several years ago, a few folks who run thought it would be cool to have a race where you ran from Bar to Bar in Greensboro, having a drink at each bar…. The Old Town Beer Run was born.

The race is now a 5K without the beer stops. Proceeds from the race benefit Special Olympics. The activities begin today at 5 PM at the Old Town Draught House (beside Yum Yum on Spring Garden). The race is Saturday at 3 PM. The party begins shortly afterwards. The details are available on the website.

3 thoughts on “Greensboro’s Annual Beer Run

  1. Funny, but Don is wrong yet again. You’d think a guy who knows so much about running could at least get the distance right … it’s 5 MILES, not a 5k. He even linked to the website but apparently didn’t bother to check. I can’t say I’m very surprised.

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