Major problems at Wrestlemania

“Skyrockets in Flight, No Afternoon Delight”

The AP and local Florida news outlets are reporting that at least 40 fans at the Citrus Bowl last night in Orlando were injured during the final fireworks display following The Undertaker’s World Hvt. Title victory.

Firefighters on the scene said there was a “fireworks malfunction” that sent hot cables flying into the crowd. At least three people were taken to area hospitals for minor injuries.

WWE has not commented on the incident, and the AP is reporting that phone calls to WWE’s public relations department were unsuccessful.

Orlando’s Ch. 9 interviewed several of the injured fans. “It felt like a whip. I have a welt on my neck,” said victim Barbara Vetere. “Like a baseball bat hit me. It was horrible. Horrible.”

Firefighters said they acted as quickly as possible to help injured fans, but Vetere said that wasn’t the case. “We had to sit up in the bleachers and wait for a paramedic to come. They didn’t really examine us,” she said. “And we had to walk all the way down to first aid and had to ask for a bag of ice just to put on our head.”
*****from James Caldwell and reports*****

+++++Also Ric Flair was a loser Sunday evening and his career is over. “Little Naitch”, Charles Robinson was the special referee and from all of the accounts that we have been seeing and reading, it was a special match, and everything was well executed and was done with dignity and precision by Flair and Shawn Michaels. Randy Orton retained his belt, Undertaker reamains unbeaten at Wrestlemania, Mayweather beat the Big Show with the Brass Knucks, and CM Punk was the the winner of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.+++++