We have a winner, Rob Seib wins Bracket Contest

Congrats to Rob Seib of Titusville, Pa, the winner of the 2008 GreensboroSports.com NCAA Bracket Contest! We would like to thank all those who joined in on the fun during this year’s March Madness.

Rob will receive a $20 book of gift certificates to Steak n’ Shake as well as a GreensboroSports.com K-Zone T-Shirt Prize Pack.

Below are the complete final standings for the contest:

1 Rob Seib 140
2 Eric Freeman 136
3 Ryan Perdue 129
4 Joel Berghoff 128
5 Doug Smith 113
6 Tyler Schloss 105
7 Steve Brown 104
8 Mary Via 103
9 Jeremy McDowell 97
10 Beth Foote 93
11 Don Moore 93
12 Bruce Bullington 85
13 Cecil Carr 82
14 James Harrison 81
15 Daniel Morris 79
16 Rob Shelton 78
17 Stephen Morgan 77
18 Mike Smith 75
19 Chris Epps 73
20 Michael Tromm 72
21 Doug Cockman 71
22 Marshall Brown 69
23 Keith Brown 66
24 Don Millirones 52

One thought on “We have a winner, Rob Seib wins Bracket Contest

  1. Congratulations Rob. I thought I had it in the bag but the better man won.

    I am in California and I don’t think we have a Steak n’ Shake out here anyway.
    Too bad, a steak milkshake sounds pretty good right about now.

    By the way, I used http://www.RandomBracket.com/ to make my picks.
    Bookmark it for next year. It makes weighted random picks based on
    a couple of different factors. Try it out. It’s completely free and simple to use.

    Thanks for the contest. See ya next year.

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