Will God still bless this sorry ole’ sportswriter?

There have been several interesting comments since I came out with the blog article from last week that talked about the young man that transferred from Grimsley to Gospel Light Christian School in Walkertown. After that article you would think I might be headed down the AC/DC Highway to Hell.

If you read the piece closely I did not take any personal swipes at the young man, I just questioned the transfer and asked some key questions about how this might effect his future on the college level. Again, as I stated Friday I have all the respect in the world for the Jones family and I wish Aaron was still on the mound for the Grimsley Whirlies. Maybe it is the jealous coach coming out in me, but what if Grimsley has Jon Wilkinson, George Carter, DJ Russ and the lefthander Aaron Jones on the hill this season? I loved watching that kid pitch because the lefthanded delivery changes the effect of the game on the high school level and the slow lefthanded curve is very deceiving to the young hitters and even the older guys have problems with it.

Grimsley might have had a shot at a State Title run with Aaron Jones on the mound this season. There is no question of Aaron’s character on my part, I am just questioning his decision to go to Gospel Light Christian School. How do you get better when you step down a level in competition? I will not ask that question again because I have already brought that up before. My job is not to question people’s character, my job is to evaluate talent and let players know where they need to be, to get better. I know these things because I have been out there in the fire for over 40 years and I compete with players younger than me on a regular basis. Most of the players I see are usually 25-30 years younger than me and they still end up paying the price.

I write sports stories and I am on the front line. If I’m not playing the game, then I’m reporting on the game by way of the internet or radio. I like watching the local teams and I give them fairly decent coverage. I would have seen Aaron Jones if he was still at Grimsley, but the way the Gospel Light people have been bad-mouthing me, I will never see another game at Gospel Light. I am the top, #1 sportswriter, that covers this part of the state. I hope Aaron Jones will end up playing for one our local summer baseball programs so I can see the lefthander throw it again.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so let’s hope all of you who choose to read the web blog articles at this site, I hope you will continue to share your thoughts with us, and I plan on calling Mr. Robbie Jones and get his inside thoughts on how all of this went down with his son. Maybe it’s not a big deal and I was blowing it all out of proportion, but to me this was huge, because we had not heard a thing out of Aaron until that Vandalia game. If Gospel Light played Grimsley, Northwest Guilford, or East Forsyth and there was no Aaron Jones on the mound for Gospel Light then GL would lose 50-0. If Aaron was out there then maybe he would keep the score down but it still might be 20-0 even with the 10 run mercy-rule after five innings. These are hypothetical situations, what do you the reader say? Is this kind of talk bologna or blognona? The real story might be Aaron is a very good pitcher but at Gospel Light he does’t have any help and that’s why I brought up that original question in the beginning. Why would you go there to get better any way?

The fine folks over at thisboardrocks.com were blasting the blog article on Aaron going to Gospel Light. They have a great resource message board for high school baseball scores and player info but they don’t believe in ever questioning player movements or transfers decisions. It’s all positives at thisboardrocks.com and that’s not the way it is in the real world and that’s why we get readers talking out on these contraversial subjects. In the long-term scheme of things in life, who is going to respond with any stir at all to everything that is picture-perfect. I appreciate the good info at thisboardrocks.com and have sent many people to that site but they can’t carry a candle to where this sportswriter has been.

For many of you that have said the path to a DI school is no different for a kid coming out of a private Christian School than it is for a kid coming from the public school, you are blind to the reality of this, the real world. We talked about some rare exceptions and one of those would be Brian Waters who played point guard for Coach Jerry Bailey at Alamance Christian School in Graham and then he went on to start for Elon Univeristy. David Carlyle attended Woodland Christian in Winston-Salem but he transferred to North Forsyth and later played at Old Dominion and Wake Forest.

Nathan Jameson played basketball at Wesleyan Acadmey in High Point and later started for UNCG. Wesley Wrenn got a baseball scholarship coming out of High Point Wesleyan and Michael Dimock who is there now, is on his way to Wake Forest on a baseball ride. The real question that I have about HPW is, “are they a real Christian School”, or are they more like a Greensboro Day School and all the other private schools? I’m just asking, maybe someone can let us in on the truth…..

It is tough to get to the DI colleges coming out of these Christian Schools and if you do, will you really be ready? In football, my research says, NO WAY…Tim Tebow won the Heisman coming from a Home School didn’t he? That must have some heck of a Home School league he was playing in. I think your best bet would in basketball. There is some good un-tapped talent floating around out there, even in the private Christian Schools. In baseball your chances are not that good. The one thing that can change this equation is AAU or summer league ball. If you end up on a good AAU team an above average summer league team, then you still have an outside shot.

If you have read with interest this entire blog article you are probably saying by now that this man really knows his stuff. I Do. I want to leave this discussion open and we may need to bring in a doctor/professor from one of the local universities to break this subjet down even further. I have decided not to go in that direction so far because I know more than most of those people with college doctorates.(Believe me, I have facts to back it up.) I will continue to dig deep into this topic and I feel good that I was able to get so many of you thinking and talking and no harm was meant to the Jones family at all. I have never written anything bad about them and if Aaron was still at Grimlsey I would be calling his game on the radio tomorrow night.

The move to Gospel Light, I still question it but I have to admit, it really has made for an interesting discussion. Will God still bless this sorry ole’ sportswriter? You’re darn straight, he already has and he will continue to bless one of the top sportwriters this part of the state has ever, and will ever see……

*****To read all of the comments go to the high school section and click on high school and scroll back to baseball story or go to thisboardrocks.com and check out some of their opinions.*****

It’s a great thing we can share our opinions in this country and isn’t it a good thing we can still ask questions. I still wonder why certain things happen.