WWE Smackdown on MY 48/Is there a thief in the house?

WWE Smackdown will remain in the Friday night timeslot this fall when it moves from its current location on the CW to MyNetworkTV. The announcement will be made official in May when MyNet reveals its slate of fall programming for advertisers.

In an interview with, MyNet president Greg Meidel said Smackdown will anchor their Friday night line-up. “We see it not only as an immediate franchise for us on Fridays but also as a promotional platform to promote what’s coming up the following week,” Meidel said.

Meidel said Smackdown’s demographics are in line with their other programming during the week, allowing advertisers to target ads each night of the week. “We go after adults 18-49, and we do have a slight advantage with men,” he said.

Meidel also commented on the general feeling among affiliates with the addition of Smackdown to MyNet, which mainly consists of former UPN affiliates that previously carried Smackdown.

“They’re very aware and very knowledgeable of the strength of the brand and they have been involved and partnered with them in the past,” Meidel said. He added that it’s an opportunity to take a proven franchise from WWE and attract a large audience on Friday nights, as was the case on UPN.

There were wallets, passports, and a watch stolen from the backstage area during WrestleMania 24, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Matt Hardy had his wallet and passport stolen. Batista had jewelry and Rolex watch that had an estimated value of between $35,000 and $60,000 stolen. There were so many people backstage that day that the feeling is it could have been anyone.
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Do you think CrymeTyme might have been in the neighborhood or is that a racist comment?

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  1. CrymeTyme is back, and things are missing????? hmmmmmmmmmmm

    My guess is Cryme Tyme did indeed take the items, and then gave Ric Flair a big box full of stuff as a retirement present. Ric ddi have on a nice new Rolex Monday night after Wrestlmania.

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