NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race Top Ten:Kyle is “The King of Racing”

Here’s the Top Ten from the crew at Battleground BP/Battleground Automotive 2512 Battleground Avenue as we get set for tonight’s big race from Charlotte.

Steve Gladson’s Top Ten
#1)Dale Earnhardt Jr.
#2)Kyle Busch
#3)Tony Stewart
#4)Mark Martin
#5)Jeff Gordon
#6)Jimmie Johnson
#7)Denny Hamlin
#8)Kevin Harvick
#9)Jamie McMurray
#10)Jeff Burton

Fritz Stoneman(the new mechanic’s) Top Ten
#1)Dale Eanrhardt Jr.
#2)Mark Martin
#3)Tony Stewart
#4)Kevin Harvick
#5)Kyle Busch
#6)Kurt Bush
#7)Carl Edwards
#8)Jeff Gordon
#9)Denny Hamlin
#10)Ryan Newman

*****CONCORD, N.C.*****Kyle Busch is the man right now on the Sprint Cup Racing circuit. He is like a Darrell Waltrip in the 70’s/80’s and like Jeff Gordon was in the late 80’s, 90’s and first 5 or 6 years of this decade. NASCAR needs a man like Kyle Busch and I hope he wins tonight’s race and 10-15 more races this season. It’s about time we had a real man like Busch who can out-run them all, step up and take charge, and leave all the Dale Earnhadrt Jr.’s crying all the way to the Loser’s Circle. Busch and his team know what they are doing and if they didn’t have a clue, there would be no fans booing “The Man” Kyle Busch. Kyle is the man the fans live to HATE and you’ve got to LOVE it.

KB(Kyle Busch) is the best in NASCAR today and we are glad to have him on our team at There’s no need to list the other 9 drivers in the Top Ten because they don’t count. When you watch the race tonight if you can get it on the Speed Channel and if you can’t it’s on WTQR 104.1, WBRF 98.1, and WAKG 103.3, be sure to pull and root for Kyle Busch. The race from MRN is also on several AM stations(WBAG 1150 and WLXN 1440) but you won’t be able to hear them after it gets dark.

This is Kyle Busch’s race to lose and if you are smart you’ll remember the Smart Money is on ‘The Real Kyle”, Kyle Busch tonight. We all know that Kyle Petty never did anything on the NASCAR circuit and now it’s about time to sit back and watch The Real Deal Kyle Busch win the Sprint Cup.

There’s no Denial, Kyle will be doing it in Style with the “Winner’s Profile” and you can put that in your Sprint Cup File, tonight down in Charlotte.

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  1. The only one “stylin” and “profilin” is the driver of the cherry red #9 car as he crusies the da bank to depo that one million! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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