The Final Nine

I thought long and hard about this last night and then again this morning and I decided that it will take a long time to track stats from all the area schools and since I didn’t see teams from all of the surrounding counties I will put out my Final Nine based on what I saw from Guilford County and what I was able to track by following teams, players, and games on other web sites and in many newspapers.

We have had tremendous input on this topic and I’ll say thanks to Drew who contacted me last week about naming a Player-of-the-Year and then we started evolving the player into many teams of different shape, form, and fashion. Thanks to Coach Alan Ashkinazy who has been a regular contributor to this topic in the last week and his input is coming our way from a professional level.

I have watched many games and poured over quite a few articles and here’s my Final Nine for Guilford County for 2008 and these calls are not based on position but based on best available talent and numbers/stats go into this but there is more to a player than numbers. You have to take into account who he got those numbers against.

I believe this nine will stand the test of time and if it doesn’t, then let’s begin to break down those walls Mr. Gorbachev. Here’s the Final Nine for Guilford County for 2008:

Cam Cockman
Ray Crawford
Gabe Dimock
Michael Dimock
Nick McBride
Robbie McIntosh
Jeff Medley
Matt Nettesheim
Esterlin Paulino

*****We’ll have Coach-of-the-Year and Player-of-the-Year coming up next week, but the front runners are, Larry Farrer(Dudley) for coach and Michael Dimock(High Point Wesleyan) for player.*****