Dusty Dunn is done…..

This Friday a voice lots of us grew up with and grew older, Dusty Dunn will do his last show from 7a.m. to 10a.m. on WGOS 1070 am radio.

Dusty is calling it quits due to his Dad’s declining health. A couple of years ago, Dusty’s dad had a medical problem that requires someone to be near him ALL of the time. Rather than an assisited living residence, the timing was right for Dusty to leave radio and take care of his Dad.

For the last five years I have had the pleasure to be Dusty’s Sports Director and one of our many contributing editors! His show was truly fun to do; if you’ve listened to his show lately, you know he makes it fun and at the same time keeping us informed of lots of information, especially local happenings.

To say that Dusty will be missed understates the truth-he will be missed. If you haven’t tuned in previously, catch the last few shows, because after this Friday that smooth, silky, folksy, funny, what did he say voice will be gone. We will miss him. I will miss our morning connection, but I know I will keep a friend.

Best of luck “Gray Squirrel!!!”

Jim Modlin

3 thoughts on “Dusty Dunn is done…..

  1. Twenty five years ago I rolled into Greensboro, brought here by a job from Los Angeles. I have been listening to Dusty all this time. Anybody who knows about professional radio knows that markets like Los Angeles, New York, etc. attract the country’s best talents. I grew up listening to those talents: Gary Owens, Casey Kasem, Sweet (Dick) Whittington. The best. I have always thought that Dusty was on par with those talents. Even better in one respect: on top of the talent, he communicates a generates a home-spun “country boy” feel. He is truly on par with some of the greatest radio talents that have ever lived.

    I will miss you, Dusty. My morning will not be the same without you.

    Good luck.


  2. Man, I was telling my wife about dusty a few days ago.
    We were truly blessed to have him on the air growing up.
    When he spoke on his show, he’d be speaking directly to you from you’re kitchen.
    What you heard was what you got and it was great and ginuine Dusty.
    He always had the time to talk off air as well even to kids like myself at that time who would have driven most people crazy, lol.
    I’ll be praying for dusty and his family.
    To me, dusty was one of the best and he will be missed for sure.

  3. Back in the 70’s, I was dragged by my Mother to the downtown sears (now the guilford county mental health building next to hoppers park). WCOG was doing a remote, featuring DeeJay Dusty Dunn. He gave me a free 45 of Mungo Jerry’s “In The Summertime”

    Thanks Dusty. For Everything.

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