Proehlific Power goes 2-2 over the weekend….

The Power finished the weekend 2 – 2 in a showcase tournment held in Hickory this past weekend. The Power beat the Georgia Roadrunners and the South Charlotte Panthers while losing to the Anglers and the Charlotte Heat. Every team was strong.

The Power played 4 games and saw 4 excellent pitchers. Power pitcher Esterlin Paulino pitched 5 innings of 2 hit ball striking out 11 against the Georgia Roadrunners, while Michael Dimock went the distance against South Charlotte striking out 9. The Power is still playing shorthanded due to injuries and players still with their college team.

This week has the Power home on Wednesday night against Person County American Legion, travel to Asheboro on Thursday and back at home Saturday and Sunday for doubleheaders each day. Saturday they will take on the Southeastern Anglers, while Sunday they will host the Charlotte Huirricanes.

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9 thoughts on “Proehlific Power goes 2-2 over the weekend….

  1. Mike Wall starting short stop, Zack Howard from Louisburg injured with hurt knee, JB Brewer who is still in Div II world series, Lyle Donaldson, Robbie McIntosh, Nick Jones are all injured. They open at home Wed night and they will have everyone except Howard and Brewer. But this team is going to be scary

    This weekend they faced a guy going to be a top 5 round pick in upcoming draft, Kid from Ga who is going to play in SEC, Sunday faced Luke Bard from Charlotte Cathloic. Man they are playing good competition

  2. Most of these guys have never played together and they are getting acqauainted with each other and what they can do. Also at this time of year there are a lot of things going on such as banquets, graduations and exams. Once these are behind ,this team should come together if everyione can stay healthy. There are good players on some really good teams throughout this state. Good compettion makes you better as a player and a team.

  3. Most of these teams are just coming together and playing together for the first time. I know that is the case with the Angler team and the Heat team. It was the first tourney this year for those teams. Some of these teams have played under that name but with different rosters. Roadrunners have been together for a while although their roster may also change. Also the three teams they played are ’09 graduate teams; no high school seniors and definitely not any kids already in college. Paulino did pitch well and against a strong team. Dimock threw well but the team he faced was a little weaker.

  4. So what’s the big deal?.This team sounds like nothing more than a group of coaches who have been striving to win a national AAU championship and finally think they will do it with an open checkbook and no rules. Anyone willing to bet they won’t add 2-3 pitchers before they go to any world series?
    I notice they are playing their games @ Northern Guilford.Is PP paying rent like everyone else has to? Supposedly one of the coaches @ North donated money for a scoreboard, dugouts, and uniforms—was it the basketball coach?
    I guess they would be undefeated if they didn’t have to spend so much time dealing with their injuries and bonding!!!!
    Ricky should have donated the money to a worthy charity instead of promoting the Smith’s egos.

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