Reader looking for some answers, stirring up some hot questions?????

Hey Andy,
See if you can get more info on what happened at the Grimsley/Dudley colt game the other day. Keep hearing something about a player yelling and cursing at the coach then pushed him. Haven’t been able to confirm if it was a Grimsley player or Dudley player, but whichever one, we don’t need this bad example displayed in youth baseball. Coaches need to be aware so that when they do make selections of all conference or all area honors players like this should not be recognized. Attitude is everything in ALL SPORTS and coaches don’t get paid enough money to put up with bad ones.

I haven’t seen the coaches since the High School season ended. I talked to Coach Ashkinazy(Grimsley) and Coach Farrar(Dudley) during the season but I’m in the dark to what might have happened here. From the word I get, Coach Tony Sutphin runs many of the Grimsley games and I’m not sure if Coach Farrar or his assistant J.B. Baynes are heading up the Dudley program.

I would be certain that we will some get some type of response on this matter and one reader did mention to me a while back that he thought Lay Lay Brown was playing for Dudley’s team this summer and I don’t know about that one, but Lay Lay Brown was quarterbacking the Grimsley football team in the 7 on 7 football scrimmage at Grimsley last Saturday.

*****I did some checking into this matter and learned that it involved a Dudley Colt player and his coach. Coach Farrar and Coach Baynes were not at the game but the word is it was an isolated incident and it will be handled within the Dudley family. It became an ugly situation but cooler heads prevailed in the end and here’s hoping that it doesn’t happen again.*****