What do you know about this Kimbo Slice fellow?

I was reading an article today in ESPN the Magazine and they were talking about this new MMA fighter Kimbo Slice whose family lost their home back when Hurricane Andrew came through Miami. The ESPN piece was by Dan LeBetard and he gave the inside on Slice who is due up in the ring for an MMA bout this Saturday night on CBS.

The CBS network will debut their own version of the MMA fighting with Slice, a man who has already beaten Ray Mercer and Tank Abbot in quick fashion.

Slice got his start in backyard-style fighting which is more a street fight form of mixed martial arts. At one time Slice was living out his 1987 van but he got his break when one of his street fights showed up on YouTube and it got over a million hits and Slice became an overnight fight sensation.

Again Slice will be fighting on CBS this Saturday night May 31. Here’s the inside scoop on Slice from wikipedia.com/org:

Kevin Ferguson (born on February 8, 1974), better known as Kimbo Slice, is a Miami, Florida-based street fighter turned mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. He first appeared in several filmed underground fights which have spread primarily on the Internet. Kimbo has since left street fighting behind and is now putting his efforts towards becoming a professional mixed martial arts fighter. Rolling Stone called Slice “The King of the Web Brawlers”.

Ferguson was a star defensive football player for Miami Palmetto High School in the Pinecrest area of Miami, Florida. In college, he went on to the University of Miami on academic scholarship, but did not play football.

Kimbo Slice began his career in unsanctioned street fights, trained by retired MMA fighter Bas Rutten. The most notable of these fights was an extremely popular brawl with Sean Gannon, a former Boston Police officer who trains in MMA.[3] Although Slice was defeated by Gannon and his questionable tactics,[citation needed] the popularity of fight on the internet propelled both men into the MMA spotlight.

Slice made his sanctioned MMA debut against former WBO Heavyweight champion boxer Ray Mercer at Cage Fury Fighting Championships 5, in Atlantic City on June 23, 2007. The match was scheduled as a three-round exhibition utilizing all professional rules of MMA combat. Slice defeated Mercer with a guillotine choke at 1:12 into the first round.

Slice currently lives with his family in Miami, and is the father of six children: three girls and three boys. His first two sons are named Kevin, the third Kevlar. His three daughters have also names beginning with the letter K, being Kassandra, Kiara, & Kevina. Slice is engaged.

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