More reaction from Mr. Briscoe and WFMY TV 2 soon to become TV 39 Reidsville…..

Thank you for e-mailing WFMY News 2 and contacted them earlier today asking if they would consider dropping the movie and would they look into showing us the fight.)

CBS has given the program to WGSR Channel 39, a low power station in Reidsville. Even if we were to change our minds about this Saturday’s broadcast (and we haven’t), we couldn’t get the rights back from them.


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*****Is the wildest thing you have ever heard of or what? How many people that live in Greensboro can actually pick up the TV39 signal here in Guilford County? Maybe 1% of the population…..*****

+++++Is it time to make a change in the leadership at WFMY TV2?+++++

+++++And this just in from Mike:
The movie is “Getting Up & Going Home” (which is what the WFMY program director should do permanently!!!) …………looks like the triad can watch Tom Skerritt and Blythe Danner in this 1992 RERUN instead of the historical coverage event featuring Kimbo) Even those not interested in the fight think the brass at WFMY are brain damaged. this rivals the move a few years ago when the local affiliate made fools of themselves over not broadcasting the Superbowl in High def!!!

Mike Crump, Oak Ridge+++++

8 thoughts on “More reaction from Mr. Briscoe and WFMY TV 2 soon to become TV 39 Reidsville…..

  1. That is about the biggest crock I ever heard. Not only is WFMY not allowing us to see it by refusing to broadcast the show, they are burying it on a low watt television station thereby ensuring that NO ONE WILL SEE IT!!! I will no longer watch any Channel 2 program that isn’t a CBS national broadcast. Screw ’em!

  2. Well, let’s hope they can have the same courage about not carrying CBS’ new show, Swingtown. If there’s something you probably don’t need to broadcast, it’s a show teaching that’s perfectly acceptable to have sex with anyone you like. I personally don’t care if the fight’s on, but I don’t know why you would object to it if you’re going to show this other trash.

  3. OK………..under blogs and sports on the WFMY sponsored website.

    A video of a VT basketball player throwing up on the court during freethrows. I read the description and chose NOT to view it, which is my choice. Likewise I should have the choice to view or not view the fight Saturday.

    So Mr. Brisco please explain this gross video being on your website???

    Mike Crump – Oak Ridge

  4. Here is the only way to watch it as far as I can tell, without driving 40 miles. The quality is far from HD, but the local reidsville station that has been assigned WFMY 2 rights to the fight has a web site . Look up they actually have a live feed thru the net for their programing.

    I am watching their news cast right now 6:17 pm friday. Hopefully, they will provide this live feed tomorrow night !!!! I called but got no answer. But could hear the phone ringing on the set – LOL

    Mike Crump – Oak Ridge

  5. Personally, I have always enjoyed the work of Tom Skerritt. I think a lot of his work is underrated. Most people should be at the Hoppers game on Saturday night so I don’t see the big deal. I plan to DVR the Skerritt movie though. If this program (the fights) gets popular then WFMY will show it like all the other trash CBS runs (see Big Brother).

  6. The reports are that the Slice fight was especially gory with the way Thompson’s ear looked after the fight. If the brass at WFMY took notice of that, it is doubtful that they liked what they saw.

  7. In the hometown of Edward R Murrow, the CBS affiliate is practicing censorship.


  8. Hey did you get to watch the DVR of that “Breaking Down and Coming Out” or whatever it was Tom Skerritt movie yet? 😉

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