More reaction from Mr. Briscoe and WFMY TV 2 soon to become TV 39 Reidsville…..

Thank you for e-mailing WFMY News 2 and contacted them earlier today asking if they would consider dropping the movie and would they look into showing us the fight.)

CBS has given the program to WGSR Channel 39, a low power station in Reidsville. Even if we were to change our minds about this Saturday’s broadcast (and we haven’t), we couldn’t get the rights back from them.


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*****Is the wildest thing you have ever heard of or what? How many people that live in Greensboro can actually pick up the TV39 signal here in Guilford County? Maybe 1% of the population…..*****

+++++Is it time to make a change in the leadership at WFMY TV2?+++++

+++++And this just in from Mike:
The movie is “Getting Up & Going Home” (which is what the WFMY program director should do permanently!!!) …………looks like the triad can watch Tom Skerritt and Blythe Danner in this 1992 RERUN instead of the historical coverage event featuring Kimbo) Even those not interested in the fight think the brass at WFMY are brain damaged. this rivals the move a few years ago when the local affiliate made fools of themselves over not broadcasting the Superbowl in High def!!!

Mike Crump, Oak Ridge+++++