Our All-Area HS baseball team and question for you the readers?????

This comment came in over the weekend from one of our readers and we will leave it out here for you to think about as we kick off another big week of sports talk at GREENSBOROSports.com.

Here is that thought-provoking comment:

Well I think that all these players(On the All-Area High School baseball team) are great that everyone has mentioned.. but what does everyone think of Andy Partin????? (Impact Baseball’s owner and coach of the Dirtbags)

What are your thoughts on this gentleman Andy Partin, is he running the Impact Baseball program with the player’s best interests at heart?(They have a nice website, but it is pay-per-read content when it comes to the premium information as the investors like to call it.)

7 thoughts on “Our All-Area HS baseball team and question for you the readers?????

  1. Impact is his business, his income. Have to keep that in mind. he does a good job hyping, marketing, exposing his teams/players. Call it what you want. He seems to deliver on what his business promises. His team events appear to have more scouts than most events. Personally, he’s friendly and cordial and appears to do what he says.

  2. Andy Partin does a great job on over rating a most of his kids. The great example is Garrison Lassiter from West Forsyth. Don’t get me wrong, he is a great player but Andy marketed him as the BEST high-school shortstop in the country. I’ve seen Lassiter play; great, yes, best in the country, No Way! Through the first 6 rounds of the draft, 26 shortstops have been drafted including 9 High School shortstops. No Lassiter. All through the High School Season all you heard was Lassiter would go in the first three rounds. Again, Lassiter is great but let his actions on the field do his damage, not Andy Partin who never played at any level in his life!

  3. it is a fact that mr. partin cares about n.c. baseball and not just his organization, i.e. allen webster….andy recognized the talent (when seemingly no one else had) and put the word out even though he had no association with the websters

  4. Some truth in Andy never coaching until now but Lou Holtz never played the game (football) either. He seemed to do OK.

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