HBL not the NBA at Aycock Middle School

I was taking in some basketball between ball games back on Monday evening. Since I had about an hour to kill before the Colt baseball got rolling over at War Memorial Stadium I decided to head over to Aycock Middle School and shoot a few baskets on the outdoor court.

Much to my surprise the court was crowded and again to my surprise this game was not your All-American flavor, this was the HBL. The Hispanic Basketball League has come to Greensboro.

Our good friends from the south have turned in their soccer balls and they are taking it to the hoop. Unless you saw it, you would not believe this. The Hispanic men are running full court five-on-five and it’s not awkward. These guys know how to play.

The Hispanics are going to the hole and they can make passes with precision and these players don’t walk back on defense, they run back on defense. It’s run and gun up and down the court at Aycock Middle School, but in the HBL(Hispanic Basketball League) the style is under control with an excellent offensive system.

The Hispanic families come and watch their fellow country-men play with a crowd of about 50 wives, children and other well-wishers watching from along the dirt banks of the Aycock Middle School parking lot. This is a major event when the men get ready to play. Pick-up trucks and many other vehicles line up in the lot at the AMS.

I give these men in the HBL(Hispanic Baskeball League) all the credit in the world. There’s not many people in this town that could keep up with these guys as they run the court and again their passes are to be made at least 3-4 times on each offensive possesion.

You can tell they have watched a lot of NBA ball, but in the HBL the finals will not feature the Lakers vs. the Celtics, it might just be Mexico City vs. Guerrero for the title.