Proehlific Power vs. Kernersville Bulldogs tonight…

The Proehlific Power will play the Kernersville Bulldogs tonight at Glenn High School. The game will be a Wooden Bat contest and it is scheduled to start at 7pm.

The Power went (4-0) at home(Northern Guilford) last weekend and they were on the road last night at Roxboro.

Here are some names on the Bulldogs’ roster that you might recognize:
Jody Calloway:N.C. A&T
John Neese:GTCC
Lester Rivenbark:N.C. A&T
Nick Rogers:N.C. A&T
Alex Starbuck:Guilford College

And here is more on the Kernersville Bulldogs a Summer Collegiate team:
Long known for its baseball tradition, Kernersville was an obvious choice for placement into the Carolina-Virginia Collegiate Baseball League. Located in the heart of the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina, Kernersville hosts some of the top baseball talent in the country. The CVCL, which consists of teams located in North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, utilizes the traditional wooden bat as opposed to the commonly used aluminum and selects its players from colleges and universities across the nation.

3 thoughts on “Proehlific Power vs. Kernersville Bulldogs tonight…

  1. Coach Ijames Bulldogs wore PP out. What ended up being the final score? At one point it was 9-0. This is the team that will be in the Palomino World Series? WOW!

  2. Could it be that the PP team is over-hyped? Granted they have some very good players. But are they able to compete on a state level with other good, less publicized teams, much less a national level? I believe that the Patriot team that Justin Smith coached last year was stronger than this year’s Palomino all-star team (PP). Heck, from what I hear, he’s even got a couple of players on the PP that hardly played on their HS team! How can he say he has the best players in the area? I think you could form an all-star team from the Palomono/NABF/Babe Ruth league (whatever it is nowadays) and compete very well with the PP team.

    I think Justin’s goal this year was to form a team that could compete with the teams that beat the Patriots in California last year. But consider this, the Taiwan team that beat the Patriots last year had a number of junior Olympians on their team. The Redlands,CA team was made up almost entirely of D1 signees/players from the state of CA.

    My point is that for a team to compete on a national level in Palomino or almost any of the other sanctioned tournaments, the players have to come from a larger area than where the PP has drawn from. Yes, the PP will probably get through the Palomino regionals and move on to play in CA. But keep in mind that the teams they play in the regionals will be league teams like we have in Greensboro with the Spirits, Shockers, Patriots, etc. Those teams will not be “all-star” teams put together for the sole purpose of competing in the Palomino World Series. So what’s the point of PP getting all the pub and hype?

  3. Don’t look too good must be a Bozo. The purpose of PP is to play good competition and get bettter. They could have played an easy schedule but chose to play older and more experienced teams to make them better for tournament play. It amazes me the negativity towardd teams and coaches that are vented on this web site. There are many more good teams and players in and around our area and good coaches as well. Let’s give PP and all the other teams in the area credit for at least trying to make kids better and give them the opportunity to be seen. The Guilford Patriots are strong this year and I am sure Prep Stars will be as well. Give all these organizations some support. They all are un well abd have excellent coaches and players. There is nothing wrong with trying to promote your team or your players. Don’t look too good must be a frustrated parent who is jealous of the teams in the area. I think anyone who puts a blog on this site ought to be required to use their name instead of hiding behind some fictitious one.

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