Rumblings surrounding Grimsley baseball…..

There is still a lot of talk going around these days about the Grimsley baseball program. In my opinion, anyone who thinks Grimsley needs a new baseball coach, needs to have their head examined.

Grimsley now has a winning program that the school and their students/graduates/alumni can be proud of and this team is headed in the right direction toward a possible state championship with the current young talent they have coming back next year.(George Carter, Lay Lay Brown, etc….)

To go out and hire another coach or to make Alan Ashkinazy re-apply for his current job would be insane and I can not believe this is something that Athletic Director Lewis Newman would institute. This would have to be coming from someplace in the upper administration and all of this type of talk and action is totally wrong.

I started not to write anything about these rumblings but Coach Alan Ashkinazy has our full support and any parent with a kid on his teams should thank him for the coaching he is providing for the kids in our community.

Alan is tough and we live in a tough world, this is what the kids need. Look around and face the music and you will see the Swan Song is the WRONG selection at Grimsley.

*****Any personal-attack negative comments on this subject will not be tolerated. I’m getting sick and tired of the direction some of our topics have been going. I was called to lead this community and I will not take the people down a wayward path. This web site serves as Holy Ground to many here who follow the local sports scene.*****