That bird’s after you ‘aint he!

I was heading down the street on Tuesday afternoon June 17, 2008 and it happened again. What have I done to invade the animal kingdom this Summer?

I was walking, not running this time, and as I moved down Church Street away from the downtown library, I was nearly attacked. I was being chased by a gray bird that came at me not once, not twice, but three times. This bird kept coming back for more as I shewed him away with my paper folder.

This bird was going crazy and I thought I might end up with Snidely Whiplash while I was swatting at this bird gone wild. I do not know how to begin to explain all of this, it has been a wacky Summer with me and all of these wild animals. Yesterday that bombastic bird continued to fly right at my face and he was in full attack mode.

A lady saw what was going on and she drove around the corner in her PT Cruiser and came back by and shouted out of her car window, “That bird’s after you ‘aint he”. In no uncertain terms mam, YES!!!!!

I have never claimed to be a facsimile of Marlon Perkins of the old Wild Kingdom TV show fame, but I must be getting pretty close.

Without a doubt this has become, “THE SUMMER OF DOVE”. Along with pigeon, quail, blue jay, black bird, cardinal, robin, Woody Woodpecker and whatever…….

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