Update on Grimsley baseball…..

I just left Grimsley High School and I spoke at length with Whirlie athletic director Lewis Newman.

As of 2:53 this afternoon, Mr. Newman assures me that Alan Ashkinazy is still the baseball coach at Grimsley. Newman and Ashkinazy did have a meeting last week but that was the end of the year evaluation meeting that Lewis Newman has with all of his Grimsley coaches.

As far as the recruiting questions go, Mr. Newman says there were no Illegally Recruited baseball players at Grimsley last season and that every player on the Whirlie team was living legally in the Grimsley district.

If any questions about players not living in the Grimsley district and playing baseball for the Whirlies last season came up, Mr. Newman visited the players’ homes as many times as deemed necessary and sat in the chairs in the homes of the players and checked into every possible instance and there were no problems/no illegal cases, period.

We did our invstigation and that closes the case at least for today. We will continue to try and get you all the information on this topic that we can and we will try to be first with the details and if we aren’t, then we will keep on trying.

Kevin Fleming, the Grimsley principal, will be leaving the school on June 30. A new principal is due in place for the Whirlies on July 1.

Off the subject of baseball and on to football, Grimsley and Eastern Guilford will have a 7on7 scrimmage on the Grimsley campus today at 6pm and helmets will be worn be all participants. There will be at least three more Grimsley 7on7 scrimmages coming up within the next 10 days. Football practice can officially start for the high schools on July 31.

Also on the football side of things, Will Newman, one the state’s top rising senior HS football players and the son of Grimsley AD Lewis Newman, is very busy visiting colleges this summer. Among those interested in the quarterback’s services are:East Carolina, Wake Forest, Army(West Point), Deleware, Duke, North Carolina, Wofford, Elon, and Appalachian.