Veritas Sports Academy says they are set to open on August 20…

The Veritas Sports Academy of Kernersville which has it’s address listed at 7616-B Business Park Drive Greensboro says they will open this summer/fall on August 20.

There has been some talk about this all-sports academy here at the web site and if you want to see more and learn more about them go to I visited the site today and the details about their venture look sketchy at best.

There will be academic training in an all-sports environment. Here’s the sports listings from the web site;
Football-No coach…Coming soon
Basketball-Coach Keith Gatlin, former Maryland Terrapin and Greensboro Gater and a coach at Greensboro Day School.
Baseball-No coach…Coming soon
Wrestling-Coach Jim Georgevich, former coach at Smith High School
Golf-Coach Robert Linville, former coach at Greensboro College and former golfer at Northwest Guilford
Athletic Director-No AD…Coming soon
*****I have known Coaches Linville and Gatlin for several years. Good coaches and good men for their leadership positions. Call 790-6400 for more details.*****


  1. Since the Veritas Sports Academy does not charge any tuition and states that Christian based values that instill strong leadership values is a cornerstone of the school, I would hope that there would be a high percentage of lower socioeconomic along with troubled high school students admitted to the school that could really be helped by such a program. I understand that there is a nonrefundable application fee charged to be considered for the school ($125?). Is this fee waved for lower socioeconomic children? What is the targeted % of the 100 spots for lower socioeconomic children for this school this year? Will bus transportation be available for these children?

  2. One can only hope that it will be Christian based and the coaches have a strong faith in prayer. I’m sure they will draw every self (mom & dad) proclaimed superstar in the area. With all of the egos the coaches will need a strong faith in something to deal with them all.

    I am looking forward to seeing high school sports in the next couple of years in this area when “teams” are built and not built around one or two players. In the last couple of years I have seen many area teams fall short of expectations the following year due to working the team around a player that had a great season the year prior. Coaches want to keep the blinders on thinking the play will pull out of it, many do. Many coaches create more problems for the players and teams by doing so. They go from being a team to a fragmented team, not just from players who may be on the bench but the daily (starters) players.

    I’m sure this goes on in many of the area sports teams. I have seen it all to many times this baseball season from one of the areas leading baseball programs. One can only hope that the kids moving are able to accomplish every thing they want. To the teams and coaches that remain let them go wish them well and build a team, players come back next year with high expectations for your self and “teammates”.
    Good luck to all the area teams and even more luck to all the young men and women leaving their schools and friends to pursue their dreams.

  3. i go to Veritas and it is a great school with a lot of teachers and tutors and coaches and trainers that can help us succeed in our career and the rest of our life to get us ready. thank you have a great day

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