There are still rooms available for the BIG ECU-VA TECH game in Charlotte…..

ECU vs. Virginia Tech
August 30, 2008
Charlotte, NC
Hotel rooms still available to Pirate Club members only through our travel partners: AND
*****from Jim Modlin, East Carolina grad and senior writer*****


  1. Where is ECU ranked to make this such a big game? Did I miss the press release about how high ECU was ranked this preseason.

  2. We play the toughest teams.

    Virginia Tech is pre-season Top 25 and the Hokies finished last season in the Top 10. Number 9 in some polls and number 6 in some others.

    You must be a Butch Davis clone. The real Carolina is East Carolina.

  3. I do not consider the ACC or any team in NC real football, if you want to talk football there is nothing but the SEC. The SEC should have 6 or 8 teams ranked in the top 25.

  4. After reading some of Jim’s other articles this week, it wasn’t a big surprise to find out he was a graduate of East Caroina. Let me guess – He was an english major, right?

  5. I find it funny the way these SEC fans always find it necessary to bring up the ACC’s shortcomings. From what I read in the article, its ECU vs. VPI, and the ACC was not even mentioned. I would bet my life savings that Greg is a fan of South Carolina, Ole Miss or another bad SEC team, because its only the starved winless masses of those inept SEC teams that need to tout the conference rivalry and not the sorry excuse of a football team they support.

  6. ROLL TIDE!!!! 12 National Championships and we will have another in a year with Saban on board.

  7. See, I was right. Alabama couldn’t even beat FSU last year and even worse….lost to MSU. That’s ok Greg, your SEC brothers can say they’re the best after padding records with the likes of the conference “has beens.”

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