2008 GBC Team Acceleration 10U Baseball News…..

If you’ve seen GBC Team Acceleration play, you’d think GBC stands for Good Baseball Club. REAL GOOD!! But it doesn’t. It stands for Greensboro Batting Center, the home to the accomplished club since 2005. After proving to be the class of a strong field at the USSSA Super NIT in Charlotte, GBC Team Acceleration is most deserving of a featured article. Not that they weren’t already. They’ve only lost six games in their age division since 2006. Two of those losses came in the 9U AAU National Championship last summer where they finished 5th.

Starting in 2005 GBC Team Acceleration was then known as GBC Storm. Four years later well known and respected, nine boys from that roster play today. A credit to the coaching staff, giving their knowledge, time, patience and dedication to a team shows to have paid off. GBC primarily plays an 11U tournament schedule where they’ve been having great success, winning six championship games.

A well traveled team GBC is one of only a handful of 10U teams to play in multiple national championships in 2007. They’re the defending Triple Crown Summer National Champs and had an impressive showing in the AAU Nationals. They’ll double up on National events again this season, heading to Cooperstown Dreams Park in June and traveling back to Myrtle Beach to defend their Triple Crown Summer Nationals title.

Expect continued success from GBC as they have built up an impressive resume. To go along with the above mentioned strong national showings, GBC is also the 2007 AAU Chet Lemon’s Fall National Champs, the 2007 USSSA 11U Major Fall State Champs (NC), 2007 AAU Spring National Champs and the 2006 AAU National Champs (8U Coach Pitch). Wow!!!

Winning is nothing new to GBC but is something not discussed by coaches. Managed by Scott Clemons he says “the team doesn’t talk about winning.” Instead they focus on the mental side of the game. Attention to detail is a sign of all accomplished teams, as it’s doing the little things well that makes a good team great.

A strong defensive minded team, GBC trots out ten pitchers, a huge asset for any club. But it’s their hitting that they’re probably best known for. One of the country’s best lineups top to bottom, GBC has power hitters that look like contact hitters, another credit to the hard work they put in and the great instruction the coaches have passed on. 10U GBC is part of a model program that combines competitiveness and sportsmanship to make them one of the classiest clubs in the country. Look for them to remain in the TBS Top 10 and maybe finish as the country’s #1.

*****from Carmine Pagano:CSCS Carolina Acceleration Sports Training*****

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  1. I know GBC 10U finished 3rd out of 97 teams at Cooperstown before losing 4-1 to eventual champion in the semis.

    Carmine and Rod Gorham from GBC have provided excellent instruction and conditioning to help these boys get better. And Scott Clemmons is one of the best youth coaches around.

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