Jamestown claims COLT CROWN…..

Jamestown(Ragsdale) defeated Dudley#1 by the score of 11-5 on Sunday in the Championship game of the COLT Baseball tournament. I had a call from Donnie Stowe yesterday reporting the score in at 11-3 but Lee weighed in with the 11-5 and Lee is connected with the Jamestown Tiger crew and I say if he had his team winning by less than the first call we took, then we’ll take Lee’s final score for now.

The game was delayed for a while on Sunday while they searched for a field to play the game on, as War Memorial Stadium was being used for Triad Amateur Baseball(Palomino) and the Colts had find a place to play. I believe they finally secured Stoner-White Stadium at Jaycee Park and were able to get the game in, between TAB(Palomino) contests. (The game had been suspended in the bottom of the 4th inning on Saturday night with Jamestown leading Dudley 9-2).

If any of our readers have any details about Sunday’s game with Jamestown and Dudley#1 in the COLT finals please send them to our comment box and we will put them on the front page for all to see. The COLT All-Star tryouts are supposed to begin today and we will see how this All-Star team shapes up as they try to make it out to Lafayette, Indiana for the COLT National finals.

Alan Ashkinazy is set to coach the All-Stars and Alan knows the game and the rules. In the game with Grimsley vs. Jamestown on Friday(a game which Jamestown went on to win 10-6), Alan was able to make the umpires reverse a balk call and the two Jamestown runners were forced to return to second and first after the umpire had awarded them second and third base on the original balk call. Alan said time had been called before the balk was called by the ump and that the runners must return to their original bases because time was out when the ump called the balk. The COLT Baseball committee including Donnie Stowe and Dave Thomas had a quick meeting behind home plate and they ruled that Alan was correct and the umpires were wrong on this call.

That’s pretty much the way I was able to interpret the dispute and if anyone has a different version I would like to hear it. Needless to say it made for an interesting afternoon of baseball at War Memorial Stadium on Friday.

Congratulations are in order again for Jamestown for winning the COLT Baseball tournament and if you have any more details on that game please send them our way.