News from the News & Record

A few weeks ago, Andy told me about Edwin Rodriguez’s web site and his web savy – I said, why not write a post about it….. Tom Keller of the News & Record beat him to that last Saturday. Of course, being a story about the web, you can’t find it on the web.

Here’s the recap: Rodriguez has channeled his baseball knowledge on to the web for his fellow Latin Americans. He was told it would cost $7,000 – he did it himself after buying a $35 book. (Proving once again anybody can do it.) The website is in Spanish –; you can read it courtesy of Google – Translate. The site is optimized for INTERNET EXPLORER and does not work well under Firefox and Google Translate; but then we are not the target audience. It looks cool from what I can see.

Jim Schlosser did a piece on War Memorial Stadium and Bill Self. It is on line.

Finally, the News & Record’s parent company (Landmark) has sold the Weather Channel for a reported $3.5 Billion to NBC. The News & Record was not part of that deal; however, they may be sold as soon as this week.