As promised:Colt All-Stars Announced

Mathew Rutledge HP Andrews
Caleb Collins HP Andrews
Darius Mims Southwest
Eric Stevens Grimsley
Garrett Lewis Northeast
Jonathan Wells Northwest
Scott Wells Northwest
Duncan Everett Northwest
Steven Plante Northwest
Dusty Long Page
Zac Hodges Ragsdale
Quentin Barr Smith
Dylan Schutt Southeast
Mark Leake Western

Head Coach Larry Farrer
Asst. Coach Matt Dezern
Business Manager Jack Jacobs

Zac Leddon Eastern Guilford
Cal Sutphin Grimsley
DJ Russ Grimsley
Sawyer Highfill Grimsley
George Carter Grimsley
Ethan Payne Northeast
Glen Clemmons Northwest
Cory McKinney Northwest
Steven Mekita Northwest
Bradley Burchette Northern Guilford
Trevor Brackett Page
Felix Delgado Page
Jonathan Bethea Page
Mike Whited Ragsdale
Tivon Clark Southeast
Brock Hudgin Southwest
Alex Smith Southwest

Head Coach Alan Ashkinazy
Asst. Coach Tony Sutphin
Asst. Coach Nick Taylor
Business Manager Jack Jacobs
*****Info courtesy of coaches Larry Farrer and Alan Ashkinazy*****

13 thoughts on “As promised:Colt All-Stars Announced

  1. The Green team is gonna kick butt. This team is well balanced with a lot of talent. Good luck guys..we will be pulling for you.

  2. What happened to the champion Jamestown players? Did they tryout? I only see that 2 made the tams.

  3. Several Jamestown guys play football in key roles (Anderson, Sparks, Stone, Swaim). As much as some really want to play, you can’t play all-stars and play football. How do you look your teammates in the eye and tell them that while they are in football 2-a-days you’re going to go play baseball? Plus, 8 of the Jamestown players are on showcase teams that are finishing up on the weekends. Several have been in East Cobb Ga. at the World Wood Bat Championships the last 2 weeks. Showcase baseball works well around football. Unfortunately Colt doesn’t.

  4. Lee, that’s the biggest bunch of crap I’ve ever heard. First of all there are football players on the colt all-stars. To miss a couple of showcases is not the end of the world. It’s ridiculous to think that little Johnny will mess up his baseball career by missing a few showcases to play for his hometown. Or to miss a few football practices. The football coaches understand . If your good in football your going to play anyway. Don’t you understand, it’s all about giving back to the community . Another thing, they could have used them, but we don’t really need them..this green team is very talented and they are very optimistic about winning the colt world series. Now that’s what I call the ultimate showcase.

  5. It’s true, there are football players on the all-star team. Every coach has different policies. It’s true that my son and the other 3 boys could have played all-stars and they still would have played football. But is that fair? Should a kid think, “I’ll do as I please because I know I’m good enough and they’ll play me anyway?” I’m good enough to get my way. Sorry, but that’s not what I have taught my kid. Trust me. I wish, as does my son that he could play all-stars. It’s a ton of fun and you can always learn something from Alan. However I’ve also taught my son that you can’t serve 2 masters. How can you call yourself a leader on the football team and look your teammates in the eye and say “hey guys, while you’re in 2-a-days in 90+ degrees I’ll be playing baseball.” It’s not fair to your teammates and it’s not fair to the coaches. I’ve taught my kids that sometimes in life you have to make a choice and sometimes you don’t always get everything you want. Tough to have your cake and eat it too.

    As to the kids that are playing showcase, East Cobb is the biggest event of the summer. For the kids that chose that over all-stars, I can respect their choice. Baseball is their priority and they made a choice that was good for them.

    Baseball Fan simply asked a question and I answered his question. Sorry if you don’t like the answer but it wasn’t addresed to you. Maybe we just parent differently.

  6. Some of the best bats in the league are not even on this team.You say the green is a good team how much better would it be if it were a true all star team.Not just the kids that were left to play after showcases and football.Don’t put it on the kids look at the currnt state of the organization as a whole.They couldn’t even get the umpires to the fields on time.They had tryouts a week before the regionals which Greensboro is hosting.Between the 2 teams you have 12 players from Northwest and Grimsley.No players from Dudley or HP Wesleyan.You have kids from Southeast a team that did not even finish the season.S. Guilford folded during the season.Let’s keep level heads here you are talking about winning the world series with a team that has yet to win a game together yet,who will be playing against teams who had to earn their spots in the zone by winning a tournament.Out of 17 players on the roster only 10 were varsity players are the ready for this level of competition .Watch out for the White team they have nothing to lose.They seem to have already been written off,But at least the have played a couple of games together this week.

  7. I simply answered the person’s question. Trust me, while many kids in the Jamestown community regret they cannot play, there are no sour grapes. It just didn’t work out. It’s not just Jamestown kids. How about Macon Smith with Western? How about Josh Tobias at Southeast? How about a few boys at northwest? Or the Anderson kid at HP Wesleyan? It just did not fit for these guys either for various reasons.

    Personally I think we should congratulate and celebrate the kids that were able to work it out and play. Congratulations to those young men and we all hope they do well. While all-stars did not work out for some, it opened a door for others who may not have had an opportunity. One man’s loss is another man’s gain. I hope those kids have a great experience and play to the best of their ability.

  8. This is our first experience with Colt ball so maybe I just don’t get it….But could you explain how it is that a kid trying out for Colt All-Stars is “giving back to the community”? There are many ways that kids learn to serve their community, but that is not one I had ever thought of.
    Good Luck to both All-Star teams. I hope they go far.

  9. LOL…Tiger’s representing your hometown..taking pride in the Greensboro name…having fun…enjoying life…take 2 aspirins and call me in the will be all right..believe me…

  10. Most football teams in this area have been practicing and working out all summer. They have already had 7 on 7 games through out the summer. I don’t know what your son has been doing but mine has been working out with the football team and playing baseball. You can do both. We pray the colt all stars make it to world series . Maybe this is the year they bring the championship trophy home to Greensboro. Now that would be something any coach would be proud of.

  11. I have to agree with Oh really about the current state of the organization. This was our first experience playing for a Greensboro league and I wasn’t impressed. I know some of it is just “stuff” that happens. But for an organization that has been around as long as Colt has, you would think they would have it down to a science by now.

    I applaud the kids that made All-Stars and are out there working hard. I hope they win BIG!

  12. What a prime example of how ridiculous some of you baseball parents can be! How dare you judge the decisions made by other players and / or their parents! Kids had to make a choice for a myriad of reasons – – not just football – – and learned a life lesson from it. And guess what? You can’t tell them what that lesson was, either! So sad for you.

    Both Colt Allstar teams were comprised of talented players who represented Greensboro Colt Baseball to the best of their ability. Period. Let’s just hope they had loads of fun in the process, and weren’t subjected to the kind of unsupportive, unhealthy, just plain mean comments that some of you were brazen enough to put into print on this blog. Shame on you. Who are YOU representing, other than yourself?!? Think about it…and grow up.

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