Friday night football scrimmages:This is what I’m talking about

We have reports on the Friday night Scrimmages and Jamborees from Page44, Damon and Lee. This is the type of thing we are looking for at Diehards who love it and don’t mind sharing what they saw. Great job guys and I know the readers will appreciate this as we do here, at the blog/site.

Here’s Page44 first with the details on Page at Eastern Alamance:
So, it turned out to be a Jamboree with the schools, Eastern Alamance, Page, Carver, and Burlington Williams.

First Scrimmage – Page vs. Williams : Page’s first play on offense, Will Newman breaks for a about a 65 yard rushing TD. Williams on their first drive score on a 35 yard passing play on a go route. From what i could see, Page’s only weakness on D is the secondary particularly the corners. Page scored another TD after that, and held Williams the rest of the way to no TDs.

Second Scrimmage – Page vs. Eastern Alamance : Page has the ball first, and move the markers twice and then punt. Matt Millisor had a 60+ yard punt that sailed over the EA’s Punt returners head. But, EA scored on a long drive making it 7-0. Page then put together a pretty solid drive and settled for a FG, Matt kicks about a 45 yarder through the uprights. 7-3. On the next drive for EA, the QB and WR hook up for a pretty pass play, but the Page DB rips the ball out of the EA WR’s hands and runs it to about midfield. Page drives down the feild, with a big play.. Newman to TE/WR Brad Workinger for a big gain. Sets Page up for another rushing TD from Newman. 10-7 Page. Page holds EA to a 3 and out, and then the game is called.

Page looked to be the strongest team, followed by Carver, Eastern Alamance, Williams, in that order.

The Page JV looked very solid as well, they were led by a quarterback that reminded me alot of Zach Maynard, somewhat tall and lanky, but had some good speed and a good arm. He made alot of plays for the Page JV tonight.

From Damon on Southeast Guilford at Northwood:
I got out to the Northwood Jamboree and enjoyed what I saw from the Southeast Falcons. I had heard some of Coach Fritz’s comments on his team’s speed. Well, he wasn’t exaggerating. Those kids can flat out fly. He may have the fastest team in the state. If the Jamboree is any indication of what this teams plans to do on offense, get ya popcorn ready and throw away all Southeast game film from last year. Coach Fritz has parked his 4 wheel drive dump truck in favor of Ferrari with the TOPPS out. This Terrance Topps kid is the real deal. With the weapons they have at wideout and in the backfield, this group will score in bunches. On the defensive side of the ball, the Falcons are a little small up front, but they fly to the ball and tackle well. I don’t expect any drop off from last year’s unit. Get out to Falcon Stadium and check these guys out!

Here’s Lee on Ragsdale at Eastern Guilford:
Ragsdale looked pretty good at Eastern Guilford. Ragsdale scored 5 times to none for EG. At the same time the EG offense was exciting but unable to convert. Twice they had the ball inside the 5 with a 1st down and could not convert on 4 downs. EG runs a cool mis-direction offense with lots of motion and fakes. Frequently it was tough to figure out who had the ball. Looked a little like Wake Forest forcing defenders to stay home and not over-pursue. However the Ragsdale D looked pretty good. Ragsdale’s offense looked pretty good also. The backs ran well and Romer continued to show marked improvement at QB completeing nice passes to several receivers, some getting behind the EG defense. Just as Southest looks fast, Ragsdale appears to have good team speed on both sides of the ball.

Another reader has this question and it’s a good one:
Any word on the Northern at Northwest scrimmage?

From Phone reports and the word from Whirlie AD Lewis Newman on Grimlsey at Davie County:
I talked to some of the Grimsley people by phone on Saturday night and they told me that the Whirlies held their own with Davie County, South Mecklenburg, and WS Parkland on Friday at DC. David Ray did not play and like in the NBA it was the coach’s decision. Ray is on the DNP list for a few days/games and his return will occur as the coach deems necessary. Lay Lay Brown ran the ball well for the Whirlies and new QB Josh Patterson was a pleasant surprise as was WR James Scales III. Scales hauled in around 5 TD passes from Patterson on the evening and that includes action with Davie County and South Meck. Scales and Andre Oliver stood out on defense and Jordan Patterson(No relation to Josh) graded high for the Whirlies along the offensive and defensive lines.

Grimsley’s problem is they have no kicking game as of yet and they open at Martinsville this Saturday afternoon at 1pm. Grimsley was solid and AD Newman concurred what we were hearing when we spoke with him on Saturday night. He was at the Page-Eastern Alamance game/jamboree Friday, watching son Will, the QB for Page, but Mr. Newman got the same reports we did on Grimsley at Davie County.

Update on Dudley at Durham Hillside:
I talked by phone to several of the local fans(Grimsley parents, players, etc.) who made the trip down to Durham to watch Dudley take on Durham Hillside on Saturday night and the word is that Dudley was dominant. The Panthers controlled the game early, scoring three quick TD’s and Hillside could not match up with Dudley’s defensive line. Dudley was killing Hillside up front. Dudley was very strong and I could hear the Dudley crowd yelling loud and proud in the background over the cell phone. Dudley should be ready as they prepare to host WS Carver this Friday night.

Report on Northern Guilford:
Nothing concrete on Northern and Northwest from Friday but I did hear that Northern made the trip down to Coach Johnny Roscoe’s old stomping grounds in South Carolina last weekend and they got beat up pretty badly. The South Carolina team whipped them and the Nighthawks found out in a hurry that South Carolina football is rough and tumble football.

Western Guilford in the NewBridge Bank Jamboree:
Talked to Rick Carter of Western Guilford on Monday morning and he was at the Jamboree where WG faced McMichael and Reidsville. WG did extremely well against McMichael, now coached by former Lexington and HPC coach Gary Whitman, and as soon as Western was finished with McMichael they had to face off with Reidsville and the Rams got the best of the Hornets. The Hornets had to try and stop Reidsville’s new QB, the brother of former Ram signal-caller Ray Ray Buchette, and the new Buchette is not as mobile as the old Ray Ray Buchette but he still is getting the job done and Reidsville will still be the team to beat in the 2-A ranks. Coach Jimmy Teague of Reidsville has simply re-loaded and Rams are going to be very tough again. Thanks to Rick Carter for the report.

Any other news send it our way and we’ll let this post be our spot as we head into game week on Monday with Dudley and Carver this week along with Eastern Alamance vs. Western Alamance, Page at WS Reynolds, Grimsley at Martinsville and others. We’ll have a game week practice Monday, Offensive work on Tuesday, Defensive work on Wednesday, and helmets/”T” shirts/shorts only on Thursday and the Thursday practice will be only one hour. I still have the routine down so let’s get to work and we will preview the Triad 3-A Conference on Monday. Coach Causey of Western Guilford and Coach Pursley of Northeast Guilford were on NEWS 2 Sports coming in from the NewBridge Bank Jamboree on Saturday at 6pm.

*****Thanks guys and we need more. If you were at a Scrimmage or Jamboree on Friday night or if you get to one Saturday, please send us the info on what you saw and we will post it here. You will get credit for your work and we’ll see how many teams we can get in the mix.

Thanks again for the posts and we still need more, because this is what the people are looking for as we apporach the openers.*****