Paul’s Pro Pigskin Prognostications

This season I am not going to be foolish enough to fool with the point spreads, even if “for entertainment purposes only”, at least not yet. As longtime readers to this site know I am the host of The Classic Corner on WSGE 91.7FM in Dallas NC (just outside Charlotte). Actually you can hear the show each Sunday from 10a-2p at and if you’re a fan of beach and shag tune in starting Friday nights at 6 until Saturday night at 7 for our Cammy Award winning programming. Now if you tune in to my little offering be forewarned. It is a pretty wild mix of sounds and styles ranging from the familiar to the forgotten to the just sometimes plain far out ranging from the rock pioneers of the 50’s to the jam bands and new rock of today that echoes those days of yore. If you like artists diverse as Phish to Petula Clark, The Mantra’s to Mashmakan, all mixed together in a musical blender set to puree then I am your man, let’s just say I know it is better than the alternatives around here.

Ok, now that you have what they call in the ‘radio industry’ my positioning statement I am sure you are wondering why I am giving you this information, aside from shameless self promotion. The main reason I am bringing this up is because there may be a few Charlotte area viewers coming to our site to scope out my picks as I am making moves towards pre-recording some shows to cut down on the time and expense this endeavor entails. I thought about just taking my ball, and my extensive collection, and going home to pursue free form options in this area. Let’s just say that the grass is not always greener on the other side, no matter how much those on that side would like to tell you so. But the real reason this is being bought up is because if I do start to pre-record then folks will be referred to here for my pigskin ponderings. If anyone from down there says anything I expect you kids to be nice! And if you are coming to us here at courtesy of my referral then I hope you’ll enjoy the expanded information.

Let’s get to this weeks selections why don’t we!

In spite of beating out Chris Redmon, Matt Ryan will get a rude introduction to the NFL in his rookie season. Sunday’s game however will not be that introduction against a suspect Lions defense. However Detroit has too many weapons for an even shakier Falcons defense. Detroit 31 Atlanta 24

The Bills improved themselves on both sides of the ball in the offseason. It pays dividends this week against the re-tooling Seahawks. Buffalo 21 Seattle 16

Much has been made of Brett Favre’s move to New York. What has been lost in this is the Jest discarding of the much maligned Chad Pennington and his ending up with the Dolphins. Well lo and behold but who is on the schedule the first week of the year? Revenge is a dish best served cold, even on a hot late summer afternoon in South Florida. Miami 17 NY Jets 13

The Chiefs are very young and even less experienced. Bad combination against a Patriot team still smarting from last seasons bitter ending against the Giants. Perfection will not be breached by Tom Brady and company this year, but there is still plenty left in the tank. New England 34 Kansas City 14

The Saints are healthy and have the addition of Jeremy Shockey, the Superdome is sound. The Bucs are rebuilding a bit. Can you smell what Paul T. has cooking, and it ain’t Cajun cooking. New Orleans 31 Tampa 17

The Eagles go into 2008 seen as anything from a spoiler to a Super Bowl contender. The truth lies somewhere in between always contingent on the health of Donovan McNabb. Well he feels good and he has a improved core of receivers to throw to. Bad News for a porous Rams defense. Philly 35 St. Louis 20

The Steelers are looking to bounce back after fading badly at the tail end of 2007. The Texans are looking to improve upon their first .500 season in franchise history. Houston may well have ‘the right stuff’ but this week Houston there is a problem. Steelers 20 Texas 12

In one of my upset specials I see the up and down Vince Young to start 2008 on an uptick and for the Titans to surprise the chic pick for Super Bowl contention Jacksonville Jaguars. Tennessee 19 Jville 17

Chad Johnson had legally changed his name to Chad Ocho Cinco. Look for his results on the field to stay the same, but look for his Bengals to be surprised by the Ravens in the debut of new Baltimore QB Joe Flacco. Baltimore 23 Cincinnati 21

San Diego somewhat shed their image as paper tigers last season by getting all the way to the AFC title game before succumbing to the Patriots. They will get 2008 started off on the right foot by pummeling the Panthers who will be without Steve Smith who is suspended for the first two games for sucker punching Ken Lucas. Chargers 27 Panthers 10

Isaac Bruce will add some punch to a Niners offense that failed to have a receiver get over 600 yards a season ago, coming along with him as the new Niners offensive coordinator is his old coach Mike Martz. While the pieces are not in place for “The Greatest Show On Turf” to quite reach the heights attained in Saint Louis there will be plenty of playmaking put together to get past a suspect Cardinal secondary. 49ers 26 Cardinals 20

The Browns are a trendy pick to make noise in 2008. The Cowboys are a sure bet. In what will be a wild affair look for Romo and company to just have a little more fire power Dallas 31 Cleveland 27.

In a rematch of Super Bowl XLI look for similar results from the Bears and Colts, just without the rain or halftime performance by Prince. Colts 35 Bears 17 ‘
And in the MNF doubleheader….

Look for the Aaron Rodgers era in Green Bay to get off to a good start with a win over the hated Vikings whom I do not think are anywhere near the quality of a team that some pundits would have you believe. Packers 24 Vikings 20

JaMarcus Russell will get off to a good start with the Raiders against a Denver team that now includes for UNC standout Dre Bly at cornerback. Oakland 27 Denver 24

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  1. I see you’re back to making bad football picks. I look forwarding to reading those (and your embellished record) all season.

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