CM Punk does not want his Nickleback and he hates “Hole in a Wall”

Here’s what Punk had to say about the most annoying chick band to come along in ages.

“Nickelback represents everything that is wrong with American music today,” Punk said. “They’re not a rock band and they’re not rock & roll. They are absolute garbage. Just because you sold seven million albums, that doesn’t mean you’re talented. It just means that there are seven million people that are stupid as hell.” I’ll bet those are the same seven million people who watch “Hole in a Wall.”
*****”Hole in a Wall” really has people talking. I don’t understand it, but it really has created quite a stir. You must watch at least one episode of “Hole in a Wall” to GET what is going on here, and if you haven’t seen the show, I suggest you get with the program.*****

One thought on “CM Punk does not want his Nickleback and he hates “Hole in a Wall”

  1. Hole in the wall was stolen from a famous japanese game show. The crazy Japanese and theird wicked since of humor.

    Nickleback are big Carolina Hurricane fans, and partied with the Canes when the Cup was taken to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, by Cam Ward and a couple of othe players. So, me and CM have some issues right now.

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