What was going on with the TV set on Sunday?

What was going on with the TV broadcast of the Carolina Panthers-Minnesota Vikings game on Sunday afternoon?

The board operators at FOX 8 were working with a quick trigger-finger because all of the sudden right in the middle of the game, they would cut to commercial. It was almost like we were experiencing the horrific return of Chan Harrison to the Triad from Bristol, Conneticut.

Can anyone explain this malady with our football broadcast over the airwaves of FOX 8, and I saw this a few other times over the weekend. Ball game in progress and they would leave it and go to a commercial break early and then all of the sudden they came back after they had run just a portion of the commercial.

Were they doing a practice run for the new high definition/digital broadcasting or was this just complete operator error? It sure made for a choppy broadcast.

If this happens at once during a key broadcast it can ruin the game and if it starts happening on a regular basis, it’s time to call in the troops and find out what it going on here…….