The picks contest might be headed to Hollywood, again

The numbers on the CiCi’s Pizza Picks NFL Contest and The Beat the Jock competition look to be heading in the direction of Hollywood this week.

Hollywood heads into Monday night at (10-4) with Chuckyd at (9-5), Mike and Buzz stand at (8-6), BigC and NJM are at (7-7), Mick, Marshall, and April all stand at (6-8)……

Big Jim Modlin bounced back to go (8-6) heading into Monday’s game and Paul Lambeth in his Pigskin Prognostications holds steady at (9-5) before the Monday night kickoff with San Diego and the New York Jets. Paul leans at (10-5) when you add in the San Fran game but we did not have the 49er’s on the board for this week.

Good luck to all as the Monday night action approaches.

*****On the Panthers-Vikings from
MINNEAPOLIS — Jake Delhomme should have seen Antoine Winfield coming.

Winfield, the hard-hitting Minnesota Vikings cornerback, was blitzing around the right side of Carolina’s offensive line, directly in front of the right-handed Delhomme. The Panthers quarterback never seemed to sense the looming, jarring hit that led to a fumble and Winfield’s touchdown return that changed the direction of what had been a one-sided game — a one-sided season — in Carolina’s favor.

“I didn’t see him coming,” Delhomme admitted after a 20-10 loss to Minnesota on Sunday.

The Vikings feel Delhomme won’t be the last to say that.

They will be as obviously visible about their style and intentions as Winfield was of his corner blitz. The momentum of this victory — the Vikings’ first of the young season — could lead to the dislodging of pending opponents’ grip of whatever early season mojo they may have formed. It’s just one victory, players said after the game, but they know the ingredients of a slow-forming stew are starting to properly season.

“This was a pivotal game for us,” safety Darren Sharper said. “This reminds people that we’re the good team that people predicted us to be at the beginning of the season.”*****

One thought on “The picks contest might be headed to Hollywood, again

  1. OK I suck. But guess what. Ill see ya later this week. To go 10-4 on a week like that is impressive.

    Next week Im just gonna let my 9 year old pick. He cant do worse than I am!

    Good news is we only need 3 from our kicker tonight to win our fantasy league game. Go kicker dude!

    Bang Bang

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