Who will be the Player-of-the-Year in Guilford County?????

The high school football season is just about half way over and there is no clear-cut favorite for the Player-of-the-Year.

The conference games have yet to begin and maybe that’s what will turn the tide in what may become a wild goose chase to see who is the best HS footall player in Guilford County for 2008.

There are as always, early candidates for the award. Ricky Lewis Jr. at Dudley with his team out front there at (5-0). Also from Dudley you’ll see calls for Fred Overby, Chris Neal, Josh Jones, Major Bryant, Kelton Shepherd, and some of the offensive linemen. Lewis is the most promising candidate.

Jason Davis, Gerrod Herbin, and Will Gann will get votes from Eastern Guilford, especially if the Wildcats find a way to upset Reidsville. Tim Romer, Walt Sparks, Joey Finison and a few other Ragsdale Tigers will have a say in how the talk goes around, and if the Tigers take the conference and go unbeaten, they might just have the final say. Terrance Topps and Tivon Clark are causing people to take notice of the Southeast Guilford Falcons and if they knock off Ragsdale this Friday night, then Topps and Clark will be doing all the talking.

Will Newman and Matt Millisor are going to be in the mix when all the smoke clears and the dust settles, so mark those two names from Page down, and don’t forget them. Ricky Dowdy at High Point Central and Tony Washignton from High Point Andrews are the two top players in the area beyond Highway 68 as you head into High Point and if you hit Kivett Drive and head back toward Randleman Road you will pass the exit way to Southern Guilford High School and their top two, in RB Scotty Wayne and QB Darren Garcia.

The List stops for today right here at the Sumner Middle School and did we forget anyone, and if not who gets your vote here on September 23?????

If we crossed over into Forsyth County we may have to bring Hunter Furr of Mount Tabor and Danny O’Brien from East Forsyth into the competition.

One thought on “Who will be the Player-of-the-Year in Guilford County?????

  1. I think Topps is clearly the best athlete in Guilford County, but for Guilford County player of the year, I can’t see it. Right now, you head over to Dudley’s football practice. When you get there, ask the coaches and players who their best lineman is. That kid should be the Guilford County Player of the year as of today. Also, I got a chance to watch the broadcast from Shane’s. The Championship rings the Dudley kids were wearing looked real nice. Somebody in 3-A is going to need to step up or the Panthers won’t have to worry about polishing their rings because they’ll be sporting brand new ones.

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