Beat the Jock:CiCi’s Pizza NFL Picks Contest


Week No. 4 is quickly here and I would have at least tied for the lead had I not picked those stinking Cats from Charlotte. I had picked, wrongly against Carolina in weeks 1 and 2 and like I told Andy on “Football in Focus” show from Shane’s Rib Shack, me picking Carolina was the “kiss of death.” Well, it wasn’t exactly deadly, but the Panthers did find a way to lose for the first time this year. So here goes:

Arizona to win on the road-yes, I’m intoxicated. The Bretts. ‘er Jets are coming off a short week and banged up after SD waxed them on MNF.

OK, Minnesota, you looked like contenders last week-winners again this week over Tenn. in Nashville-play one for me!

Is KC the worst team in the league? No, but mighty close! Denver and the x-Vandy QB to win on the road.

New Orleans almost got a road win last week-another of my L’s-they will win in the Dome over SF.

Carolina over Atlanta-we covered this one in the opening-this one the kiss of a Division win for Carolina.

Speaking of worst team in the league-the loser of this game IS! I flipped a coin and it came up HOME team for the only reason-Cinn over Cleveland.

Battle of the Bays-Mr. Rogers isn’t ready to win on the road in scenic Tampa is he?-No! Tampa Bay to win.

Houston is hungry at 0-2, but Jax. is too good. Jax to win to even their record at 2-2.

A QB change won’t make St. Louis a winner-Buffalo comes to town and proves they are for real-Buffalo to win.

San Diego pounded the Bretts on MNF-Lane Kiffin is still called the coach in Oakland-Al’s team loses to the Chargers.

A big division game in Big D-Super Bowl bound Dallas to win in a close one over Washington, by a field goal.

Philly showed they are one of the better NFC teams last week-two weeks in row for Donavan and the ‘birds over Chicago.

Big Ben is still hurting from the pounding Philly put on the Steelers, but enough left in the tank to beat a weak offensive Baltimore team on MNF.

*****In the tie-breaker, let’s stick with the Carolina Panthers and we need the Total Points scored in the Panthers-Atlanta Falcons game being played in Charlotte at Bank of America Stadium.*****