Football in Focus TONIGHT at Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace

We are getting ready for another big program at Shane’s Rib Shack TONIGHT from 6-7pm with our fifth Football in Focus Show of the season.

We have Ragsdale players(Joey Finison, Ian Jenkins, and Billy Stone) lined up as they get ready for the HUGE ball game that is coming up between the Ragsdale Tigers and the Southeast Guilford Falcons tomorrow night at SEG. We also hope to have Southeast reps with us for tonight’s program.

We will see the return of Dennis White and Rodney Brewington from the Smith Golden Eagles’ camp and we have been in contact with Johnny Roscoe and Coach K, the head men at Northern Guilford, to see if they can make it to the Shack for the show, and I have now confirmed Coach K is on the way and we hope JR can come on over too.

Doug Cockman will on hand to talk college football(going inside the ACC) and Big Jim Modlin from Fitness Today will have his picks and we will begin to break them down as we head into week #4 of the NFL season.

That’s LIVE from the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace TONIGHT from 6-7pm and you can watch it LIVE or you can check out all the shows later at the broadcast link here on the site.

7 thoughts on “Football in Focus TONIGHT at Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace

  1. Does Northwest Guilford have a field goal kicker? The Falcon Defense definitely employed the bend but don’t break philosophy last Friday night against Northwest. Northwest had at least 3 opportunities inside the 20 where they turned the ball over on downs. I’m just curious as to why they didn’t attempt at least one Field Goal.

  2. Watched some film on SE this week. Tivon Clark and Topps look as quick as advertised. Having known Tivon for years, he hasn’t lost a step. Very nice o-line. Large. They open some nice holes for the backs and give Topps time in the pocket while sealing the corners off very well. However did notice an unusal blocking style. When watching the film of the SE and S.Guilford game in the 1st quarter alone SE employed a lot of a blocking style referred to as High/Low cut blocking. On teh first play from scrimmage #74 from S Guil. was put out of the game. The tactic calls for one o-lineman to occupy or “engage” a d-lineman (usually high) and then when he is engaged and defenseless another o-lineman cuts him from the side at the knees. On the first play a kid was helped off the field. It happend 4 more times in the 1st quarter alone that I could pick up on. Finally the officials picked up on it and called it. Kinda unusual since the player doing the cutting is an extremely large o-lineman. Probably doesn’t need to High/Low cut block. Hopefully the S Guilford player was OK. Cut blocking is cool as long as the player is not already engaged. Wake used to do a lot of it before they had talent. But they never did the High/Low.

    Got to see the play by Topps that everyone was talking about. Pretty cool. Very athletic. I also see why the opposing coach went out on the field to speak with the officials. There were at least two linemen well downfield on the play. Oh well, officials can’t catch everything, especially on a play as exciting as that one.

    This should be a good game. SE has become a very good team in the last few years and they play very well at home.

  3. Northwest better hope they have a field goal kicker and that the defense that bends but doesn’t break shows up too this Friday night. Northwest will be going up against one of the best runningbacks in the state when Hunter Furr and his Mount Tabor Spartan mates come to NWG tomorrow night.

    The wet weather may favor a Furr-like ground attack, although NWG likes to run it too with Chris Kennedy and Sean Pless.

  4. Ragsdale heading to Southeast is definitely going to be an exciting ball game. The Falcons do play well at home and have engineered 4th quarter game winning drives the last two Friday nights. The Tigers are 5-0 for a reason. They are a very sound ball club on both sides of the ball. The Romer kid is not as elusive as Topps, but he can beat you with his feet and his arm. He’s definitely an athlete and his numbers are impressive. Smallwood and Pettress who lead the Falcons in tackles will definitely have their hands full with Mr. Romer and his running buddies.

    Southeast’ s defense has been impressive the last 3 weeks. Mr. Peguese and company need to get off the field. Bend but don’t break is not going to work against this team. If the defense can stop keeping drives alive with senseless penalties, they can keep this offense in check. I look for these to be ready tomorrow night.

    On the offensive side of the ball, you can pencil in Tivon Clark for 100 yards. He comes to play hard every game. The offensive line has definitely proven that they can run block. If they can give Topps time in the pocket, Topps can have the breakout game that Falcon fans have been waiting for. This team is continuing to get better and has to show improvement over the last two ball games to get the a victory.

    I expect that Coach Fritz will have his team ready to play ball.

    Offense Advantage Ragsdale
    Defense Advantage SE
    Special Teams Advantage SE
    Coaching Staff Advantage Ragsdale
    Intangibles Southeast

  5. Haven’t seen the SEG defense this year but don’t sell the Ragsdale defense short. They have gotten better and better every week. They held Grimsley under 200 yards last week and deld Page the week before to almost the same. They’ve had injuries but players keep stepping up. And prior to that romp over Grimsley that Tiger D had to make first and goal stops with the game on the line three games in a row. I’d have to say the defenses area draw.

    As for the Ragsdale O – I’ve been very impressed with QB Tim Romer this year. He is very poised and makes great decisions. When he gets pressured he doesn’t just tuck the ball and run or take the sack – he has done a great job stepping up in the pocket, buying time always looking down field. 12 TDs and only one INT shows he is really taking care of the ball.

    Going to be a great game – hope the weather cooperates.

  6. also – the Ragsdale JV beat SEG tonight 27-12.

    Last few years this has always been a great ball game.

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